We are indebted to Mr. Bridgeman, New York, for a paper of tomato seed, labeled "Algiers Red Mammoth," which we hope will prove good.

Tomato #1

We are indebted to Messrs. Hovey & Co., Boston, Mass., seedsmen, for "Keyes' Early," a variety of great reputed excellence; and to W. A. Eliason, Esq., of Statesville, N. C, for "Roseboro," described as "above medium in size, dark purplish red, firm and solid, with a large branching vine, bearing until frost comes." To us this is a new variety. Also, to C. L. Janney, Wayuesville, O., for "Apple," which it is said was formerly the Pear tomato, but has been cultivated for several seasons in the immediate vicinity of the Fegee and large purple varieties, and becoming thus hybridized, has been entirely-changed from the original. Described as medium early, smooth, good size, solid flesh with few seeds.

We have passed all over to our amateur friend, and hope to hear good accounts thereof in due time.

The Horticulturist - Vol. XXII....................April, 1867......................No. Col.