Containing Annual Reports of the Committees, list of Premiums awarded, List of Officers for 1854, and a list of the new members.

The transactions show a most prosperous and efficient state of the Society. The Committee on Apples, of which Col. George Jacques is Chairman, is a carefully prepared and instructive document. It states that about 900 dishes of Apples were offered. Among varieties of merit growing obscurely in that County, mention is made of the Forbush Sutton Beauty, Harvey, Hunt's Russet, Capron's Pleasant. Samuel II. Colton, of the Wes-cott Nursery, had 40 varieties; Job C. Stone, Shrewsbury, 40 varieties; T. W. Ward, 38 varieties; Geo. A. Chamberlin, 33 varieties; Silas Allen, 28 varieties; and Joel Knapp, of Sutton, 23 varieties.

Transactions or the New Hampshire State Agricultural Society, for 1858. Compiled by the Secretary, James O. Adams.

This is the second volume issued by the Society, and it does it much' credit. The addresses, reports, and statistics afford much valuable instruction. The book is well printed, and illustrated with drawings of animals, implements, etc. We have marked for insertion an article on "The Cultivation and Preservation of Forest Trees," by F. B. Eaton. This subject is one of growing importance, and we are glad to see it attract attention.

The Illustrated ANNUAL Register or Rural Affairs, and Cultivator Almanac, for 1855, embellished with one hundred and twenty engravings. Luther Tucker, Albany, N. Y., office of the Cultivator.

This, instead of being an "Almanac," is a miniature encyclopedia of rural affiairs. It contains a vast amount of matter, selected and prepared with good judgment, and arranged and illustrated with excellent taste. John J. Thomas has the credit of its preparation; and this is a guarantee of its value. Every farmer and cottager should have it; the price will place it within the reach of the humblest means and the most rigid economy. We presume it can be had through any bookseller, or direct from the publisher.