Mr. Rivers' pleasant home stands on the top of a bank sloping to the road, and that bank is like a cataract of flowers, covered with white Roses* as though a million of butterflies were resting there awhile, and brightening' the scene as if a large supply of newly made stars were there, awaiting-their distribution in the firmament.

Of the Roses at Sawbridgeworth what shall I say? Acre upon acre, regiment after regiment of stately standards, lake after lake of dwarfs, " dazzle the eye and bewilder the brain," as the jewels and gold of the Baron (was it Larray or de Heckeren?) bewildered the fickle Imogene ! " There is a nice little patch of Mosses," said Mr. Rivers, the said patch. being the size of my whole collection, and a beautiful Rose garden in itself.

Of Roses new to me I thought Arthur de Sansales, Cardinal Patrizzi, and Prince Noir very striking in color, and, for the sake of contrast and novelty, to be added to every collection: they are very dark in tint, and, though not large, effective. Louise Magnan, Raphael, and Comte de Nanteuil I had never seen in their beauty; and "when found" I "made a note of." Orne-ment des Jardins, brilliant, but small. Bacchus anything but "jolly," and looked as though he had ruined his constitution by excess. Triomphe de l'Exposition, very bright and cheerful, uniformly attractive and good. A new Rose called Thomas Rivers is not so good-looking as its namesake at present, but I thought I saw a promise of great improvement when more established, and in a' favorable season. Of all Roses which I had not pre-viously seen in their perfection, I liked Madame Vidot best; and, next to her, from the fine shape of the flowers and the free habit of growth, Madame Ory,* perpetual moss. Of sorts well-known to us all, P think the most beautiful were Lord Raglan, Jules Margottin, Madame Rivers, Prince Leon, Angelina Granger, General Brea, Madame Place, General Jacqueminot (larger than usual), William Griffiths (this year quite as good as his rival Mathurin), Caroline de Sansales, Madame Duchere, Madame Phelip, General Castellan (grandly gorgeous), L'Elegante Nouvelle, and fifty others.

It is indeed invidious to particularize, and the more one says of such a display, the more one seems to leave unsaid. - Geant des Batailles.