Containing Two Hundred Illustrations.

By S. Edwards Todd.

We here have a Book which details the manipulations of the Farm in a plain and intelligible manner, with practical directions for Laying-out a Farm, and Erecting Buildings, Fences, and Farm Gates.

ALSO, Full directions for the selection of Good Farm and Shop Tools, their use and manufacture, with numerous original illustrations of Fences, Gates, Tools, etc., and for performing nearly every branch of farming operations.

A person engaged in Agricultural pursuits can hardly open this most valuable manual without reading of some improved farm operation, or getting a view of some simple labor-saving instrument that may be constructed in every farmer's workshop. The engravings that appear upon almost every other page render the book intelligible to the least experienced; and an index, alphabetically arranged, enables the reader to turn at once to any one of several hundred different subjects, in which he may be at the time interested.

The author is well known among leading Agriculturists, ha a thorough farmer and practical writer. He has not made a book of theories or curiosities, but has produced a manual that will be a most valuable acquisition to the library of every farmer in the country.

An idea may be formed of the value placed upon Mr. Todd's writings by those competent to judge, when it is stated that the New York State Agricultural Society voted him $75 for the privilege of publishing the chapter on "Fences" in a volume of their transactions.

Among many commendations received from eminent Agriculturists, we have space only for the following from Col. B. P. Johnson, Sec. New York State Agricultural Society.

Agricultural Room, Albony, N. F., Nov. 11,1859. MrERrS. C. M. SEXTON, Barker & Co.:-

S. Edwards Todd, author of the "Young Farmer's Manual," is a writer familiar with the wants of the Farmer, and from the constant inquiries I am receiving in relation to his writings. It is apparent to me that be has struck a vein that will insure a large circulation for his works. His writings are practical in their character, and are well adapted to the purposes of the Farmers of our country, and 1 believe they will find an extensive demand.

One Volume 12mo. 459 Pages. 200 illustrations. Price $1 25.

C. M. SAXTON, BARKER & CO., Agricultural Book Publishers, and Proprietors of the Horticulturist 25 PARK BOW, NSW YORK.