First district, W. T. Nelson, of Will county; Second district, Samuel Edwards, of Bureau; Third district, Dr. A. 0. Humphrey, of Knox -county; Fourth district, L. L. Francis, of Sangamon county; Fifth district, J. C. Cooper, of Marion county; Sixth district, Isaac Snedecker, of Jersey county; Seventh district, Parker Earle, of Union county.


O. B. Galusha, of Grundy.

Vice-Presidents #1

Maine, S. L. Goodale; New Hampshire, William B. Towne; Vermont, B. Bryant; Massachusetts, C. M. Hovey; Connecticut, D. S. Dewey; Rhode Island, Silas Moore; and one for each State and each Province in Canada.


Thomas P. James, Massachusetts.


William C. Flagg, Illinois.

It was voted to hold the next biennial session at Chicago in 1875, and to hold an extra session at Philadelphia in 1876, in connection with the great national centennial.

An invitation was given by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, to partake of a social banquet, at Music Hall, on Friday evening. Nothing was wanting in the arrangements to render the occasion all that could be desired. President Strong, of the above society, called the assemblage, and briefly welcomed the members of the American Pomological Society to the festivities of the hour, closing his remarks with the sentiment:

"Hon. Marshall Pinckney Wilder - Pomology and Horticulture alike claim him as one of their most devoted and self-sacrificing patrons and vie with each other in doing him honor."

President Wilder made a happy reply. Other sentiments were given and responded to. The President then addressed a few parting words:

Ladies and Gentlemen: - With a heart full of gratitude that I have lived to see this grand celebration and this great exhibition which has surpassed that of any other nation of the earth, and that we have been permitted this evening to receive your kind congratulations and wishes for our prosperity, and that we have been honored with so many distinguished gentlemen from the various portions of this great country, I now propose as an appropriate close that the music shall strike up "Home, Sweet Home."

During the performance of the band, the large assemblage separated, pleasantly impressed with the boundless hospitality and courtesies of their hosts.