THE Annual Meeting was held at Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 18 and 19, at which interesting discussions took place. We are able to present condensed reports of the most interesting topics brought up and discussed. Special attention was paid to:

Western New York Horticultural Society #1

The next annual meeting will be held the 8th and 9th of January, at Geneva, N. Y. It will be very interesting, as many valuable subjects are to be discussed.

Western New York Horticultural Society #2

It was a good plan to issue the proceedings of the last session in a neat and handy pamphlet We cannot help liking this association for its good work, and the steady, business - like way it has of discussing the most practical topics of the times. We can get at a sound idea in its reports easier than any other horticultural society in the United States, and there is less waste of words in its report than any we have ever seen. The pamphlet has but one fault - the insertion of a ridiculous series of answers to its questions, by a horticulturist who is not just now very popular. It is distracting to wade through so many of his words to get so few ideas; and out of the first nine answers we defy any one to find either dignity of style of addressing a society, or any information worth having.

Western New York Horticultural Society #3

The annual meeting of this society will be held in the Common Council Chamber, in the city of Rochester, on Wednesday and Thursday, January 6th and 7th, 1875, commencing at 11 o'clock A. M., Wednesday. In addition to the usual reports of standing committees, there will be addresses and discussions on many of the most important fruit growing and horticultural topics of the day, and it is expected that the meeting will be one of more than ordinary interest. Samples of new and rare fruits, and other objects of special interest, are solicited.