Now five years in bearing; the first year gave fair fruit, entirely free from cracks or specks upon its surface. Since then, no tree out of about a dozen has borne a crop of fair fruit. While, on one side of the tree, the fruit would be badly marred, on the opposite, a part only would exhibit the disease; and some specimens would be quite fair. On other trees, no fair fruit would be observed; and yet, all the trees have made, from year to year, a growth of wood equal to the Louise Bonne of Jersey, and retained their foliage of healthy color quite as long as any variety in the orchard. The fruit on the sides of the trees facing the northeast, were uniformly marred - so as to suggest the atmosphere' as the cause or the medium of its transmission. Is there, from any quarter, light as to the nature of the disease, giving promise that we shall ever enjoy, in perfection, this noble fruit in our stricken region.

The Belle Lucrative, often reported as indifferent, and of poor quality, with me has uniformly proved exceedingly rich, melting, and of high flavor, with a juicy flesh of fine texture. None has been more honeyed - fully equalling, in this respect, the Seckel. It has exhibited a tendency to overbear. When properly thinned, the fruit is uniform in size, and large. The Seckel, Winter Nelis, Easter Beurre, Glout Morceau, and Beurre Diel, merit the praise awarded them.

(to be contiued).