The possible effect of trees in winter possessing some characteristics of ornamental value, also is alluded to, by Mr. Ellwanger. In winter, if we would have an eye to the picturesque in color, we must call into requisition the well-filled category of deciduous trees and shrubs, that distinguish themselves for the heightened color of their bark or the brightness of their berries; or, what is still more beautiful, when frosts and snows surround us the varied and numerous briiliantly-foliaged evergreens, which retain their tints when everything else in nature has shed its leaves or has become browned and seared by the colder temperature..

The yew elegantissima, the varieties of the new golden arbor vitaes, such as the Semper Aurea, Peabody, &, Ac.; the different varieties of the silver-foliaged evergreens, like the Juniperus Venusta and Virginica Glauca, with the darker foliaged Conifers interspersed here and there to form the contrast, can be made, if placed with an artistic eye, to shed sunshine on the wintry landscape, and envelope it with a mantle of cheerfulness and warmth.