A Blue Blackberry

We saw recently at Mr. Erhard's, at Ravens wood, ft Blackberry so thickly covered with blue bloom as to make the term "blue" quite appropriate, if it does not rub of too readily. It is a trailing variety, a seedling of Rubus caesius, a native of Europe Of the fruit we can say but little, the plants having been cut up for propagating The little we saw had large pips with small seeds. The flavor was agreeable, and it may prove to be good; but of that we shall he able to say something after another season.

Blunts For A Miniature Rock Garden Or A Fernery

The following are recommended by the Garden as most suitable: Mesembryanthemums of different colors, Se-dum Sieboldii, Lysimachia, Nummularia, and some of the mossy Saxifrages.

Boasted Gound-Seeds

It is only partially known that the roasted seeds of many of the Gourd tribe furnish an excellent addition and nice variety to the dessert, particularly those of the Cucurbita pepo gigantea, which produces seeds in abundance, possessing an agreeable nutty flavor. AMICUS.

Bogus Vienna Premiums

As we have taken all of the grand medals awarded to sewing machines and work done on sewing machines at the Vienna Exposition, which fact has been announced in the newspapers by Associated Press telegrams (over which we hate had no control), and consequently is unquestionable evidence, we deem it due to ourselves to caution the public against the bogus claims and paid advertisements of our van-quished competitors.

Wilson Sewing Machine Company.

Cleveland, 0., August 18, 1873.

Bogus Vienna Premiums 280056

Boiling Grain For Fowls

Experiments have proved that there is considerable economy in boiling corn and barley when feeding them to fowls, but that there is no saving in soaking oats or buckwheat.

Boiling Potatoes

Pick out your potatoes, so that the quantity you intend for dinner shall be as near of the same size as possible, and put into the pot with them sufficient water only to reach half, or a third of the way up them: they should never be covered with water. This is a most invaluable, although such a very simple receipt. I have had a square pot made for the potatoes; for a round pot, since they must not be piled one over the other, would not hold sufficient for any number of persons. In boiling potatoes for his pigs, which my informant did in a large copper boiler, he had observed that those uppermost, and partially out of the water, however small they might be, were invariably cracked and mealy while those below were waxy. C. P. C.

Bon Gustave

Tree - vigorous, suitable for a pyramid. Fruit - middle-sized, three and a half inches in length, and twelve inches in circumference, of a regular pyriform shape. Stalk - nearly an inch in length, thick and woody. Eye - shallow and open. Ground color of the skin light green; but nearly the whole surface is rus-seted. Flesh - white, fine, buttery, with a sugary, perfumed juice. A fruit of first rate quality, ripening in December and January.