A Cheap Canning Apparatus

Mr. F. J. Parks, of South Haven, Mich., built a small canning establishment the past season, at a cost of only $300, in which they put up 1,500 cans per day, at an expense of only $30, exclusive of the cans. The fruit was put up by application of steam, a very simple process.

Cheap Cottages

A Massachusetts Subscriber. You will find the ground plans with descriptions, of the cheap cottages you refer to, in our work on "Country Houses," pages 73 and 95. The first part of this work, on Cottages and Farm Houses, may be had separate at $2 - or the whole, including Villas and Furniture, for $4. It is published by Appleton & Co., New-York, and may be ordered through any country bookseller.

A Cheap Journal

This number of The Horticulturist contains one hundred and eight separate articles and topics on gardening, etc. Every one is practical, is worth reading, and there is not a waste line which should be overlooked. Think of twelve such numbers a year, and then realize fully how cheap the price - one hundred items for sixteen cents, less than a quarter of a cent, or a farthing each.

Cheap Pears

Fine Bartlett pears sold, last fall, in Oregon for fifty to seventy-five cents per bushel. They would average a pound each. The largest pear raised in the State weighed four pounds four ounces, and measured twenty-one inches in circumference lengthways, and eighteen inches in width. Pears are so plenty that the people now dry them, and sell for twelve and a-half cents per pound.

Cheap Varnish For Wood And Iron Work

I send you a good receipt for a very useful black varnish for wood and iron work, and which needs no boiling and risk of burning. It is - one gallon of coal tar, half a pint of spirits of turpentine, two ounces of oil of vitriol, stirred and laid on like paint. - C. G. G.

Chenango Strawberry

Specimens of the Chenango Strawberry apple have been sent us from several sources. It is an apple of more delicacy than the Late or Autumn Strawberry, more conical in form, and often, if not always, angular, or having its sides unequal. Color, a clear lemon yellow ground, mostly overspread with a bright rich clear red and with scattered yellow dots. We regard this as one of the very best early autumn or late summer varieties.

Chenango Strawberry-Apple. Prank Buckley - Jackson - Sherwood's Favorite-Strawberry

Fruit, medium to large, roundish oblate conical, rich clear red on the sunny side, with a few suffused light gray dots in the shade a pale light yellow ground with broken stripes and shades of clear red and a few small raised dots; stalk, short; cavity, deep, broad, open, regular; calyx, large, open with erect, pointed, recurved segments; basin, round, smooth, even, rather deep; flesh, yellowish white, crisp, tender, juicy, mild, sub-acid, aromatic, rich; core, medium; seeds, ovate, rich brown. Season, September and October.

Chenango Strawberry Apple.

Fig. 114. - Chenango Strawberry-Apple.

Tree, an upright, spreading, but compact grower, with broad rich dark green foliage, young shoots light colored. This is one of our most valuable fall apples, comparatively but little known, and yet one of the best for table, family use, and market.