Sometimes gives good crops, and when well grown is not surpassed in quality, and about half the berries are of the largest size; but it does not always yield well, and unless well grown, is frequently about as poor a specimen of a strawberry as I ever tasted.

Alabama Vs. Turkey

The Mobile (Ala.) Advertiser states that figs can be grown and dried in Alabama, which, in two years' time, will equal, if not surpass the best imported qualities.

Alba Violacea

Large green leaf, in the style of Esculentum, edged with white, fine for bedding out.

Albany Agricultural Works, Annual Circular

This is an important catalogue of Emery Brothers, with portraits and descriptions of a very large collection of farming implements, which, we should suppose, would be good reading to those interested. Such extent and variety of manufactures tell their own tale of progress.

Albany Seedling

Mr. John Wilson, of Albany, N. Y., will accept our thanks for fine plants of the Albany Seedling Strawberry, to give an opportunity of testing its merits, which we shall do.

Albany Seedling. (Wilson)

Plants received from Mr. Wilson, the originator, last fall. They were so feeble that but about twenty-five grew out of two hundred, and those remaining are not in the most flourishing condition. The fruit is, with me, above medium in size, heart-shaped, dark-colored, and with a shining surface. Flesh, solid and juicy; flavor, excellent. Promises to be productive and valuable.

Alberge De Mont Garnet

Medium size: early; with handsome mottled red cheek; juicy and very good; tree very hardy; July.


A white grape; originated with the same as the last named. I have not yet seen the fruit, but it is said to be good, and quite handsome, hardy, and vigorous.


Large flower, color reddish violet, continuous bloomer. The habit of this variety is most luxuriant, and blooms finely through the summer and till late in the autumn.

Alida Peach

Messrs Editors : Accompanying I send you a drawing of a seedling peach originating with Charles Carpenter, Esq., of Kelly Island, 0. Mr. Carpenter writes me that it is "doubtless a seedling of Crawford Late, quite as large, much darker, red cheeked, and nearly round. Flesh dark yellow, rich, juicy, excellent." The drawing I send was made by a son of mine, and does not give the size as large as Crawford Late. I have never seen the fruit, and only send this as a record that pomologists may have it when the fruit comes to be exhibited, as I learn from Mr. Carpenter it has been disseminated.

F. R. Elliott.

Alida Peach.

Fig. 29. - Alida Peach.

Allen's Seedling Black Hamburg

The bunch exhibited was not very large, though it is probable there will be an improvement in this respect Berry large, black, oval; seed grey; flesh solid, and possessing much of the character of the Black Hamburg; quality "very good".

An Almond Orchard

The editor of the Pacific Rural Press, makes mention of a visit to the almond orchard of Mr. L. D. Chillson, near San Francisco. The orchard numbers 400 trees, a large portion of which are coming into bearing. The trees were planted five years ago last February, and in variety embrace the hard-shell, paper-shell and Languedoc. They are from twenty to thirty feet high. Some of the trees fruited the fourth year after planting, and last season about 2,500 pounds of clean fruit was gathered from the orchard and sold at eighteen cents per pound. This shows a fine profit for the investment, with flattering promise of a rapid increase thereof.