A fine tall growing variety of a bright scarlet color: very effective.

The Amaranth

The beauty of this robust growing flower is due to its ornamental variegated leaves. An ancient floral writer "Miller," says, "There is no handsomer plant than this in full lustre." Gerarde, another of the very old garden loving fraternity, thus refers to it in his quaint old Anglo Saxon tongue :

"It farre exceedeth my skill to describe the beauty and excellencies of this rare plant called Floramor, and I think the pensil of the most curious painter will be at a stay when he shall come to set it downe in his lively colours. Everie leafe resem-bleth in colour the most faire and beautifull feather of a Parrot, especially those feathers that are mixed with most sundry colours, as a stripe of red and a line of yellow, a dash of white and a rib of green colour, which I cannot with words set forth. Such are the sundry mixture of colours that Nature hath bestowed in her greatest jolitie upon this flowre".

Amaranthus Albus. Nat. Ord. Amaranthaceae

A variety with white stems, brought into notice by Captain Hall, of Berwick-upon-Tweed, who has forwarded seeds to the Horticultural Society. The plant grows to the height of about two feet, flowers pale green, leaves ovate, stems much branched, glabrous, and very white. It is used as a vegetable, and will, from the high testimonials we have seen, no doubt become an esteemed addition to the table, the leaves having the flavor of spinach, and the stems, being tender and succulent, are said to resemble asparagus.

Amaranthus Bicolo Rubee

Peter Henderson speaks as follows of this splendid new bedding plant: " A magnificent new annual, growing to the height of five or six feet; the lower part of the leaves is a dull red or brown, but when the full growth is attained, the terminal shoots, for ten or twelve inches, assume the most brilliant scarlet. A few dozen of these planted in St. Paul's churchyard, New York, last summer, were the wonder and admiration of the thousands that daily pass there. As a plant for massing on a green lawn, it excels, in gorgeous coloring, any thing that we know of in cultivation.'

Amaranthus Thorleyensis

Believed to be a hybrid between the well-known " Fountain Plant," (A. Salicifolius,) and " Joseph's Coat," (A. Tricolor,) having the fountain-like habit of the former, as shown by the cut, with the brilliant, yellow, scarlet and crimson marking of the latter. It originated in the grounds of T W. Thorley, Esq., Jersey City Heights, during the summer of 1873.

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Alrerti

A handsome double-flowered amaryllis, the segments of the flowers lobed and notched, the color vermilion red.


Single Hyacinths arc, in the opinion of many, equal in beauty to the double; L'Ami de Cceur, Nimrod, Grand Vainqneur. Paix d'A miens, are some of the best, and cheapest also.

An Amateur's Wants

An amateur who has an abundance of Fuchsias, Balsams, Geraniums, Cinerarias, Petunias, Ac, and wants something better for his greenhouse, may indulge his fancy with Camellia Japonica, Azalea Indica, Epacrises, Acacias, Oestrum anran-tiacum, Boronias, Ereostemons, Veronicas, Andersonii, and others, Abutillons, Platycodons (double white, double blue, and the single varieties), Chorozemas, Ericas, all showy in bloom and pretty out of bloom (except the Platycodon, which dies down to the root and comes up again like Asparagus), and the foliage of which is varied and handsome.