One of the oldest trees in Europe was struck by lightning in the month of July last. This tree, an oak, had been planted near Chatillion-sur-Seine (Cote d'Or), in 1070, by a Count of Champagne. The oak, which had therefore existed 786 years, measured seven and a half metres in circumference, and had produced acorns up to 1830.


Two varieties of androm-eda, viz.: floribunda and polifolia, are described by Mr. Fuller in his "Forest Tree Culturist" as worthy of extensive cultivation. They are of slow growth, with lanceolate leaves and white flowers, forming pretty, low shrubs, and suited even to wet soils. We have had no experience with them.

Anemone Nemorosa And Thalictroides,(Wood Anemone.)

Fit tenants of this favored spot; the first rude blast will strip them of their delicate white or pale lilac petals, and crush their airy foliage; they are welcome to our boquets.

The Angers Quince

(W. C. L., Lowell, N. Y.)

We cannot answer respecting the value of this variety table grown for market, not having fruited it sufficiently. We doubt its being equal to the Orange or Apple variety in general cultivation now; and rather than run the risk of planting the Angers would graft the Orange on it.

Angers Quince Cuttings

(H. S., Harrisburg, Ind.) You will only succeed with these by taking them off early in the fall - in your latitude before the 1st of October - and planting at once in rich, moist soil.

Angraecum Citratum. Citron-Yellow Angraecum (Bot Mag. T. 5624)

Orchideae. A curious and pretty species, the flowers are produced in a long pendulous raceme, flowers three quarters of an inch in diameter, flat, pale straw color.

Anne De Diesbach

Bright rosy carmine; beautiful form; very large and double.


Among those announced for I860 we find the following: Clarkia pulchella, var. integripOala, (petal, whole instead of lobed); a new Hybrid Blue Sweet Pea; Callirhoe digitata, (resembles the Scarlet Linum); CEnothera biennis, var. hirsutissrma, (from California); Dianthus chinensis laciniatus, (grows two feet high, with flowers about four inches in diameter; colors various; in bloom from end of Hay till frost); Dianthus chinensis Heddewigii, (grows about a foot high; flowers about three inches in diameter, of various colors); Anagallis grandiflora, Tar. Eugenie, (light blue, shading from the centre to pure white at the border); A. grandiflora, Tar. Napoleon III, (rich maroon crimson); Nemophila discoidalis marginata, (a variety of the discoidalis, with a white edge). We commend the above to the notice of our enterprising seedsmen, if they have not already secured them.

Annual Exhibition Or The Cincinnati Horticultural Society

The late annual display of the Cincinnati Horticultural Society, was a complete triumph, so far as the articles on exhibition and the liberal manner in which the Exhibtion itself was supported by visitors was concerned. Such is the universal testimony of visitors, and if we might judge by the fine fruits seen in the place after the exhibition was over, such as apples, peaches, pears, etc., we should say, Cincinnati is on the topmost ladder of Horticultural fame. Mr. Ernst, showed us his fine fruit room filled with Lawrence and other good pears, and apples in abundance. Mr. Long-worth displayed his magnificent wine vaults, one tun in which contained 4,580 gallons of wine! Success seems to attend whatever Cincinnati undertakes.