Belmont Or Gate

Mr. Humricehouse said this Apple was considered indispensable is his region; thinks the tree rather tender. Gentlemen from central and northern Ohio spoke of it as very excellent, and deserving general cultivation. Recommended for general cultivation in northern half of the State.

A Belt Round The Sun

And yet the above is from cotton alone. In the rapidly increasing demand for material for woven fabrics and for machinery to manufacture it, but a few years would be required for our looms to fill an order for webs of double belting, sufficiently long to connect the sun with each of the planets, in the way motion is communicated from the large drum of a factory to a number of smaller ones. We enclose our bodies in artificial cocoons; in winter a lady is enwrapped in a hundred miles of thread, she throws over her shoulders from thirty to fifty in a shawl. A gentleman winds between three and four miles round his neck and uses four more in a pocket handkerchief. At night he throws off his clothing and buries himself like a larva, in four or five hundred miles of convolved filaments. - Ibid.

Ben Davis And Rome Beauty

At a meeting of the Alton, Illinois Horticultural Society, Mr. Starr said high prices were now paid in the St. Louis market for Ben Davis and Borne Beauty to ship south, that these two apples are in special demand for the New Orleans market. In the estimation of Mr. Long, Ben Davis stands first. Rome Beauty is also a favorite with him.

Benefits Of Tree Hedges

The Prairie Farmer says that, with the planting of forest trees on the prairies, there is a notable improvement in health, less ague and rheumatism, and less catarrh. A few years ago, some leaders of the tree movement planted trees as wind-breaks to their orchards and their dwellings. In every instance these have worked wonders in giving increased fruitages, exemption from spring frosts, and unspeakable comfort to the family and cattle in the barnyard. The saving in cattle feed is found to be no small item, for every protection from adverse weather enables stock to thrive on less fodder. Among other beneficial effects of the young forest may be mentioned the opening of many permanently flowing springs, which had long ago ceased to run.

Benefits Of Tree Wanting

It is said that in arid Egypt, formerly desolate and sandy, irrigated alone with the overflowing waters of the Nile, there are now regular rains, owing to the forest trees planted by the Government. A Western writer begs our Eastern papers to throw all their influence to help devise some plan by which our Government can induce forest trees to be planted on the great plains beyond the Mississippi. Unless it is done, thousands of settlers must suffer both in crops and in their families for the lack of sufficient water.

Bengal, Or Daily Roses

Arch Duc Charles; large; rose changing to crimson.

Agrippina; perfect globular shape; brilliant crimson.

Cels; blush, pink centre •, a very profuse bloomer.

Jacques Plantier; shaded rosy crimson.

Lady Warrender; pure white.

Louis Philippe; globular; crimson, with paler centre.

Lucullus; vivid dark crimson.

Madame Breon; bright, waxy rose, large and fine; a very strong grower.

President d'Olbecque; cherry-red; fine form; very profuse.