Catalogue Of The Annual Exhibition Of The Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts. Philadelphia

The members of this institution are earnest in their endeavors to disseminate a taste for the fine arts, and so far deserve our praise. Their expenditures are liberal, and their collection consequently extensive. We wish them every success.

Catalogue Of The Corporation, Officers, And Students, Of Hamilton College (New York)

There are some good people there.

S. Miller's Calmdale Nursery Catalogue, near Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pa. Mr. Miller has a great variety of fruit-trees, and grape-vines, etc.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubbery, Vines, Roses, and Greenhouse Plants, cultivated and for sale at the Cherry Hill Nursery, West Chester, Pa* Josiah Hoopes, Proprietor. A very interesting, large, and creditable collection.

Catalogue Received

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees. From J. S. Downer, Elkton, Todd county, Ky.

Cataract Washing Machine

This is another labor-saving machine which we can confidently recommend to our country cousins It is cheap, durable, and efficient, and will contribute largely to lessen the drudgery of washing.

Catching A Tartar

Our printer last month, (p. 516, line 2 from bottom,) caught a Tartar; but a close examination proves that it was only a taster. He had probably heard of tartar being used in wine-making, or that Tartars were fond of wine, or something of that kind; but the reader will please make the correction.


M. Miles, (Philadelphia.) Tie a sponge on the end of a long rod or pole; fill a pail half full of soft-soap, with just water enough to make it liquid; dip the sponge in it, and turn it around in the nest of the caterpillars. It should be applied just after sundown, and will finish the business of each nest very speedily.


Tropical plants, it is supposed, must have tropical heat to grow them finely, and hence many who have green, not hot, houses have avoided orchids and other tropical plants. A writ: in the Florist says, that "the Cattleyas grow and thrive beautifully in cool houses," hence they can be readily grown in any ordinary green-house."

The Catwood Apple

We are indebted to Mr. Caywood for specimens of this apple. Its chief value consists in its late keeping, its season often extending to September.

Caution To Builders

Mr. Branwood, according to the London Quarterly Review, has stated his belief that, by long exposure to heat, not much exceeding that of boiling water, 215 degrees, timber is brought into such a condition, that it will ignite without a light. The time during which the process of desiccation is going on, until it ends in spontaneous combustion, is, he thinks, from eight to ten years. Pipes for heating buildings by steam should, therefore, be clear of all wood work, and rest on metal brackets only.

Cayuga County Agricultural Society

President, William Webster, Sennett; Vice-President, William D. Osborn, Mentz; Secretary, Benjamin B. Snow, Auburn; Treasurer, L.

C. Mann, Auburn; Directors, Chas. Berlew, Springport; John Bluefield, Aurelius; Israel E. Phelps, Cato; Harrison Hopkins. Sennett; Charles P. Wood, Auburn; Wm. J. N. Sheppard, Niles.