Chaptal's Chemistry

Applied to Agriculture. With a Preliminary Chapter on the Organisation, Structure, Ac., of Plants, by Sir Humphrey Davy ; an Essay on the Use of Lime as a Manure, by M. Puvis; with Introductory observations to the same, by Professor Renwick. Translated and Edited by Rev. William P. Page. 18mo, Half Sheep,...... 50.


As an illustration of the sanitary powers of charcoal, and of the extraor-dinary energy with which it acts upon the gases, thus furnishing a new power for removing the agents of disease, etc., Br. Stenhouse has exhibited in London, a machine showing extraordinary deodorizing and disinfecting powers. An atmosphere rendered highly offensive by putrefactive decomposition going on within the chamber in which it is confined, is drawn through charcoal filters, by means of a rotating fan machine, and is passed into an apartment adjoining. Although this air is disgustingly foetid, it flows out into the room perfectly free from smell. This experiment, though it exhibits no new property of the charcoal, places the fact in a strong light, and may lead to most important usefulness.

Charm Of A Garden

It is, indeed, the frequent change, the never-wearying variety, that is the main charm of the garden. You leave home for a little time, and when you return, lo! everything is changed. New colors, new forms, new perfumes greet you. There are fresh flowers on the stem, fresh fruit on the bough. Few things are more enjoyable than a first walk in one's garden after an absence from home. Few men who are really fond of gardening ever care to be long away from their household gods. It is, indeed, one of the most salutary effects of a love of gardening that one's thoughts seldom turn towards the delights of vagrancy and the charms of strange places.

The Charter Oak Grape

Mr. J. D. Ingersoll writes us that this grape has been offered in his vicinity and sucessfully sold at a high price by "humbuging pretenders as a delicious muscat; say two to five dollars a root according to age and quality!" This grape is utterly valueless, and the sale of it around the country among ill informed people is rank imposture. Every man should set his face against it.

The Wonders or the Shore was the title of a most attractive article on Natural History in a late North British Review. It has been reprinted and the authorship is avowed by that accomplished scholar the Rev. Charles Kingsley.


A fine strong growing variety of a light vermilion red, frequently mottled with deep rose.

Cheap Bell Glasses

A correspondent writes for information about a cheap bell glass for gardener's use. He says, "Last season a friend of his saw, somewhere in New Jersey, cheap bell glasses in use that cost about six dollars per hundred." Our correspondent does not say where in New Jersey. Can any one tell ?

Lettuce if sown now in the place where it is to grow will be good, but it is too late to sow for transplanting.