Comte De Flandre

Size - large. Form - pyramidal-pyriform, contracted in the neck and broad at the middle resembling the 'Marie Louise. Stem - stout joined yellow at maturity, considerably dappled with russet, and occasionally marbled with red on the sunny side. Flesh - melting and juicy. Flavor - rich, subacid, inclining to sweet, with an agreeable aroma. Quality - "very good" Season - November to December. Tree - Vigorous, and very prolific. A seedling of Dr. Van Mons, which fruited for the first time in 1843, under No. 2,672.



Comte De Flandres Pear

Fruit - size,medium; form, oblong, pyri-form; color, yellowish, much covered, traced and dotted with russet, and 'occasionally some crimson red in the sun; stem, rather long, slender, inserted with a slight lip in a narrow cavity; calyx, broad and open, with short, stiff, erect and connected segments; basin, very shallow; flesh, yellowish white, buttery, with many apparent coarse grains around the core, but which melt freely in the mouth, sweet, juicy, and very good; core, medium or small; seeds, imperfect. Season, November. The tree of Comte de Flandre is vigorous, a good bearer, and should be in all amateurs' collections.

Comte de Flanders Pear.

Fig. 12 - Comte de Flanders Pear.

Comtesse D'Alost

Ripens by degrees on trees twenty years old. Mr. Wilder: Bad in Massachusetts.

Comtesse De Bresson

In this fine variety we have a beautiful combination of scarlet, bright carmine, and rose.

Condensed Egg

A process has been devised for drying eggs, so that they will keep good for any length of time. This is effected by evaporation. The yolk and white of the egg are exposed to a slow heat, and the moisture is thus driven off. The whole is then reduced to powder, and packed up in tins. The material is not necessarily kept air-tight, but may be freely exposed to the air. The powder is used in the ordinary way as eggs are, being mixed with a little water, and is thus an excellent substitute for milk on long voyages, besides capable of being used for all cooking purposes in the same way as the fresh egg. The powder will keep any length of time without fear of deterioration.

Condensed Egg 1100136


Subglobular, with thick scales, ligneous at maturity.

Cones #1

Elongated, subcylfndrical, with thin, dry, and almost cork-like scales.

Conetitution Of The Milwaueie Horticultural Society, Established 1852

We are glad to learn that this society has made a very prosperous beginning. We shall be happy to note its progress. There are in and around the city of Milwaukie a large number of public spirited and tasteful people who will not withhold their countenance and support from a society that promises them so much good.