Dasylirium Glaucophylitem

Another fine Asparagineons greenhouse plant, with a large spreading head of narrow glaucous rigid leaves of Yucca-like habit The flowers are in crowded spikelets, collected into a long compound spike at the top of the tall central erect flower stem, 10-12 feet high. Mexico.

Datura Chlorantha 'Flore-Pleko, (Double Yellow-Flowered Thorn-Apple)

Sent from South Australia, where it produced " its sweet-scented flowers for seven or eight months;" "planted in the open borders in June, it may be expected to bloom here during August, September, and October." Probably a native of Europe, but raised in Australia from imported seed - (Ibid., t. 5,128).

Datura Humilis

This is rather a rare and ornamental flowering greenhouse shrub, of erect habit, with rich, ample green vine-like foliage, and large, conspicuous drooping double flowers, nearly nine inches in length, of a rich nankeen yellow color, having a tubular trumpet-shaped outline, with the two outer series of petals elegantly recurved backwards. The terminal growth of this species should be encouraged to grow erect, and left to throw out its lateral branches as it advances in strength. It will form an elegant and unique object in bloom, being well adapted for planting in conservatory or greenhouse borders, or for plunging out after the vigorous spring growth is obtained, with other allied species of Datura, or Brugmansia, in sheltered borders of the flower-garden, to be returned for blooming in the hothouse or conservatory during the late summer months.

Davidson's Thornless

Quite a number of growers are complaining this season of the smallness of the berry of the Davidson's thornless raspberry. Perhaps soils and seasons do change its size, but on lands with clayey texture, well drained, it excelled in size and productiveness anything we have ever known.

A Day At Kew Gardens

Why, Mr. Editor, will you tantalize us with descriptions of what we shall never see, and what, with all our longings, we never can have, on this side the water? It is pleasant to read them, however, and thus we will look with much interest for Nos. 2, and 3.

De Bavay

Size - medium. Form - turbinate. Stem - long; one and a fourth inches, or more, in length; planted without depression. Calyx - large, open. Color - dull yellow, coarsely stippled, and considerably traced with russet. Flesh - juicy, tolerably melting. Flavor - an agreeable subacid, pretty rich. Quality - "very good." Season - October to November.

Dearborn's Seedling

A very desirable pear. Fruit small, but of fine quality. It is very productive, and is now about ripe, It originated with Mr. Dearborn, of Boston, about the year 1818.

Death Of Dr. Harris

Dr. Thaddeus William Harris, whose death has recently occurred, will long be remembered for the benefit which his labors have conferred on the public. He was widely known as an entomologist, and his work on Insects Injurious to Vegetation, made in pursuance to an order of the Massachusetts Legislature, possesses a practical value of immense importance. At the time of his death he was the Librarian of Harvard College, from which institution he graduated in 1815. He was a member of various scientific and other societies, and in ail the relations he occupied he sustained the character of an able and honest man, and has left a name which will be cherished by all who knew him. - Boston Cultivator.