Death Of Hon. B. V. French

We regret to learn that this distinguished Horticulturist died at his residence in Dorchester, Mass., on the 10th inst, aged 68. He was one of the prominent members of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and for many years has been known as an enthusiastic promoter of horticulture.

A good mattress is so important an accessory to sound sleep, the best restorer of tired nature, that a good one within the means of the mass of people ought to be regarded as a blessing. Something of this kind is manufactured by Mr. Kittle, 476 Broadway, N. Y., at a very reasonable price; and we feel convinced that those who have once used it would not willingly be a night without one. If any class are entitled to the blessing of good sound sleep, it is certainly those who delve in the ground. Articles of this kind should be more commonly ,advertised in Horticultural magazines.

Death Of J. S. Skinner

Our venerable friend, the Editor of the Plough, Loom and Anvil, who was the Nestor of the Agricultural Press, a few weeks since, met with an untimely end. No man in the country had labored so long and zealously for the improvement of Agriculture, as Mr. Skinner, and he blended with the varied knowledge of the art he taught, a large spirit of patriotism, and a generous humanity, that gave to the various journals that were successively conducted by him, an influence far above that of their class generally. Though he had reached a good age, he was still in the full vigor of his intellectual powers. If the sentiment of gratitude for services done one's country, entitle a man's memory to be kept alive by "storied bust and monumental urn," certainly there are few whose names could be so rightly honored in this way, as the subject of this notice.

Death Of Mr. Ernst

The death of this well-known Horticulturist is announced in our Western exchanges. Can any of our readers furnish us with a brief notice of his life?

Death Of Mr. Geo. C. Thorburn

We have just received intelligence of the sudden death of Mr. Thorburn, but too late to learn the particulars for the present number. We shall give them in our next. The announcement of the death of one so universally beloved will send a pang to many a heart.

Death Of Mr. William Reid

We are deeply pained to announce the death of Mr. Willian Reid, of Elizabeth, N. J. The event was sudden and un-expected to all. Attacked with disease of the heart a few days after his return from attending the meeting of the Pomological Society, he lingered a brief time, and then passed, as we hope and believe, to a better world. Mr, Reid occupied an enviable position in his profession. He was noted for his integrity and uprightness in business, and was highly esteemed in the social relations of life. His nursery has often and justly been called a model, presenting, indeed, the appear-acce of a highly kept pleasure ground. Some extended notice of Mr. Reid's life we hope to present hereafter. The nursery business, we understand, will be continned by the family, who, we hope, will strive to maintain its high and well-de-served reputation.