Early Dwarf

Earliest. Height, two feet. Pods, abort but full. Productions, most desirable.

Early Flowering Chrysanthemum Hendersoni

This proves to be a real acquisition to our list of Pompones. It has this season bloomed with us about a month in advance of the others. The flowers are of medium size; compact and double, somewhat globular, of a clear yellow. Cuttings struck in July are now pretty dwarf plants in full bloom.

Early French Apricot

Perhaps I may afford some information regarding this fruit. Many years since the. name was in the catalogue of one of our oldest nurseries, as a synonym of the Large Early; I do not remember to have seen the trees so named in fruit, but have some recollection of satisfying myself of the identity of the two, by a comparison of the wood and foliage.

Early Northern Muscadine Grape

Mr. Ernlin, late editor of the Pennsylvanian Farm Journal, furnished me with a fine vine two years ago. It was carefully planted among other varieties at a long grape arbor in my garden. It grew finely, and bears this season for the first time; some three dozen bunches of medium size, with fine berries, rather large and free from disease, while the Isabella is more or less afflicted, and the Catawba is a total failure on the same trellis.

The grape is now ripe, while the Isabella is just assuming the amathistine hue. It is a vigorous grower, perfectly hardy, and altogether makes quite a fine appearance.

The color of the berry is a beautiful red, in this respect resembling the Catawba.

Early Peaches

Mr. M. H. Simpson, of Saxonville, says the Boston Transcript, of last month, to-day exhibited, at the rooms of the Horticultural Society, a box of the "Early York" Peach. They were grown and ripened in his grape-house, on the principle of the " Simpso-nian system of culture,"viz: three crops in two years, which can be applied to peaches as well as grapes. The tree from which these peaches were plucked this morning, bore a crop in Messrs. Hovey & Co.'s Nursery, last September. The peaches on exhibition were grown in three and a half months from the time of starting. His grapes grown upon this system, are now fully ripe, and of a superior quality, the vines exhibiting no signs of having been overtasked.

Early Pennock

" Far better, and perfectly hardy when top-worked." I will remark that this kind on my grounds, root-grafted, is only half hardy, and a poor bearer. What specimens there are, however, are very fine.

Early Prince Imperial Rhubarb

We received a box of this new Rhubarb from Messrs. Barnes and Washburn, of Dorchester, Mass., and have given it a trial. The stalks are not large, but are of a pretty ruby color, tender, with a mild, pleasant flavor.

Early Purple Guigne

Although a straggling, crooked grower while young, this variety makes a fine, open orchard tree; and as it ripens the very earliest, and is good for the table, and commands ready sale, I place it as one of the most desirable sorts for the orchard or private garden. The fruit is of medium size, purplish black, juicy, sweet, half tender, and very good.