Hamburgh And Muscat Grapes

We have to thank Mr. Mullen, gardener to B. H. Winslow, Esq., for very large and splendid bunches of Black Hamburgh and Muscat of Alexandria Grapes. The Muscats were beautifully ripened, and delicious.

Hamilton (0. W.) Horticultural Society

We understand the Hamilton Horticultural Society is in a very flourishing condition. Its exhibitions, two of which have been held the present season, have been excellent, and well attended by the intelligent citizens of Hamilton and its vicinity. The third-exhibition is to be held on the 21st of September, and the liberal premiums offered for that show speak well for the Society. They show liberality and discretion, combined with thorough knowledge. The following gentlemen are office-bearers for the ensuing year:

President. - W1LLIAM PRING.

Vice President - William Mundie. Secretary. - William Craigie Treasurer. - Robert Osborne.

Managing Committee - Messrs. S. Wilson, J. Thompson, G. E. Cartwright, J. F. Moore, James Gay, W. L. Distin, J. Gardner.

Hamilton (Canada) Horticultural Club

We have a report of the meeting of this Society (B. Kelly, President), but too late for insertion.

Hampshire State Agricultural Society

President, Wm. F. Estes, of Dover. Secretary, Aaron Young, of Dover. Treasurer, Frederick Smyth, of Manchester. Board of Directors, Dana Woodman, of New Hampton; Joseph B. Walker, of Concord; Alfred Hoit of Durham; John Preston, of New Ipswich; and John S. Walker, of Claremont.

Hampton's New Siberian Crab

One of six seedlings from the Siberian Crab, all of which are different.

Size - large for a Siberian. Form - ovate conical. Color - a deep, rich crimson, blotched and indistinctly striped with clear orange and yellowish red. Blossoms - large. The tree presents a splendid appearance when in blossom, and when loaded with its dark, crimson fruit, is highly ornamental; and the fruit is excellent for preserving, being of a sweetish, astringent flavor. Season of maturity - October and November. Raised by William C. Hampton, of Dudley, Hardin.

The Hand Book

This is an annual record of Agricultural and Horticultural statistics, etc., compiled from various sources by Wm. P. Shephard, proprietor of the Horticultural Agency, 198 1/2 Water street, New York. It contains a large amount of useful information pertaining to plants, horticultural and agricultural publications, nurseries, Ac, and will be valuable as a work of reference. The price is $1 00.

Handsome Catalague

Washburn & Co. have issued a very handsome Catalogue this year. The engraved title page, and the colored plate of flowers, inside, are in excellent taste. The plate is much the best issued, this year, from any eastern seed house.

A Handsome Peach Orchard

James M. Whitney, Esq., of Rochester, has a peach orchard of upward of one thousand trees about half way between this city and Lake Ontario, which we visited on the 18th September. The trees generally are in a vigorous and healthy condition, and the crop very heavy. This orchard occupies a warm, sheltered situation, and seems to have escaped the severe weather last springy so ruinous to the peach generally in this section. Among those particularly fine we noted Large Early York, Crawford's Early Melocoton, Yellow Alberge, Jacques1 Rare Ripe, Morris' White, Old Mixon Free, and Crawford's Late Melocoton. Early Tillotson is an utter failure - thirty or forty trees stand without a single fruit and nearly dead, in the midst of luxuriant and heavily laden trees of other varieties. The Bed Cheek Melocoton does not succeed well here. Mr. Whitney has also a fine young peach orchard of some seven hundred trees just beginning to bear.