How To Ministers And Others

The Annals of the American Pulpit, by Rev. William B. Sprague, D D., are comprised in seven large oetavo volumes, vix.: - Congregational, 2 vols.; Presbyterian, 2 vols.; Methodist, 1 vol.; Episcopal, vol.; Baptist, 1 vol.

They contain the biography of more than a thousand ministers, and a history of each denomination with a statement of its doctrinal views, making a complete library of religious biography and history The lives of these ministers are interspersed with memorable anecdotes and incidents, and illustrated b letters from distinguished statesmen and clergymen, rendering the volumes an inexhaustible source of entertainment. The publishers' price for the seven volumes is $18.50. We will furnish the who set to the order of any person who will send us twelve new subscribers with the payment for one yea or any two volumes for four new subscribers, or any one volume for two new subscribers. In all ca the money (2.50 for each subscriber) must be paid in advance.

How To New Renders

This number of The Horticulturist reaches over 5,000 new readers, who have never taken it before this year. We trust their interest in it will continue, and we may have the pleasure of many contributions, subscriptions, etc, from them in the future.

How To New Subscribers

Any who can influence now subscribers to The Horticulturist are informed that, by subscribing now, the remaining numbers of this year, with all of 1874, will be sent for $2. Copies, in clubs of two, for $3.50, and three for $5.

How To Our Volume

Go little volume, with thy brothers join, Advise the world - nor deem thy mission small. Would that the hands that early traced Thy first born pages, had too. penned thy last! ' T was not to be. The great omniscient mind Who fixes, well for us, each age's weal, Recalled to Peace, the energies addressed Through many a year to Rural Beauty's Shrine.

Jealous that one whose hand had on her Banks, Oft drawn forth Beauties she knew not her own, Our glorious Hudson claimed his ebbing life, And hushed his last soft sigh in cradled sleep! Regret not. friends, the loss of one we loved; Remember that our loss is gain to him, And think more kindly on his favors past, Which Death has hallowed to sweet Memory's care. A Downing lived: - A Downing's dead! His country mourn's a loss she can't redeem, And Nature smiles, rememb'ring that his life Was through her spent in Worship to her God.

How To Pickle Mushrooms

Choose the small, rounded " buttons" before they expand, as near equal in size as possible; put them into glass jars, after being wiped carefully and separately; fill up with hot vinegar, of good quality, in which is infused a little cayenne pepper, and some mace, allspice, or cloves, as fancy dictates; cork up tight, and they will be ready for use in two or three weeks.

How To Preserve Bouquets

To preserve a bouquet, a correspondent of the Western Rural says : "Sprinkle it lightly with fresh water, and put it in a vase containing soap-suds. Each morning take the bouquet out of the suds, and lay it sideways in clean water; keep it there a minute or two, then take it out, and sprinkle the flowers lightly by the hand with water. Replace it in the suds, and it will bloom as freshly as when first gathered. Change the suds every three or four days. This method will keep a bouquet bright and beautiful for at least a month".