Notwithstanding the outcry against the "right of search," we adhere to the doctrine in its full sense, in horticulture. All have the right of search, and it is a duty to discover error in whatever disguise it conceals itself. If you are successful, don't hesitate to say so; but if others are not, allow them the same privilege.

Melon And Tomato Seeds Wanted

During the coming season, a friend of ours proposes devoting land and time to the growing of two or more plants of every obtainable variety of melon and tomato; and if any of our readers have a choice kind, we shall feel obliged to them if they will forward us a few seeds.

The Melon Apple

(J. S. J., Greencastle, Ia.)

You can obtain it at any of the numeries. See advertisements.

(R. L. Gazley, South Edmeston, Otsego County.) Your R. I Greening is correct Golden Pippin is the Fall Pippin. Golden Russet is not that known as such. We found this variety in an orchard in Perrinton, in this State, some ten years ago, and called it Orange Russet, to distinguish it Long Limbed Sweet we do not know. Sweet Pearmain is not true; it is a good, rich, sweet Apple, but wanting in juice. White Gilliflower resembles the Orlley or White Rellflower, bat we think is different The Pear is Spanish Bonchrctien - a good keeping baking Pear.

Mem - D'Ete

I think, has been too highly extolled; it is a fruit of but very medium flavor.

Belie Lucrative is a charming pear, in all senses of the term, - size, flavor, and productiveness. There seems to be a discrepancy of opinion among writers, whether this pear should be grown on the quince, or not. It certainly makes a fine and beautiful pyramid, and with me seems to keep pace with the best of them. Yet the only case of blight that has visited my grounds for three years past, was the blasting of a beautiful Belle Lucrative, the past summer. I know no reason, however, why this case should militate against the variety.

Members Elected

Henry Trlpler; and, to Honorary and Corresponding memforship, Louis Edward Berckmans (late of Belgium) plalnfleld, N. J.

Meramec (Mo.) Horticultural Society

President, Dr. A. W. McPherson. Vice-President, Charles Paffrath. Corresponding Secretary, Edward Vaughn, Allenton, Mo. Recording Secretary, Wm. Muir. Treasurer, Wm. Harris. Standing Executive Committee, Dr. L. D. Morse, T. R. Allen, Herman Stines.

Mercantile Biography

The subject of the article "Mercantile Biography," in the January number of Hunt's Merchants' Magazine, is the Hon. Marshall p. Wilder, of Dorchester, Mass. We have read the sketch with great pleasure. It is well written, and shows a correct appreciation of the various talents and traits of character which have rendered Mr. Wilder so distinguished and so useful a member of society. The life of such a man is an example which it is well to lay before the youth of the country, no matter in what profession they may be engaged. To American horticulturists the life and character of Mr. Wilder is of peculiar interest, and we hope soon to present a sketch, among others of a similar character, now in the course of preparation expressly for the Horticulturist.