Fine for properties, the leaf being almost circular and quite flat; zone, rich in shades of red; margin, fine chrome yellow, very distinct, fine constitution.

Mrs. Pollock

Fig. 187. - Mrs. Pollock

Method Of Killing Insects

At the recent meeting of the American Pomological Society at Richmond, Va., Col. Hardee of Jacksonville, Fla., introduced a new method of killing insects - by concussion. His experiments are as follows: "I placed two pounds of powder in the hollow of a live oak stump, immediately in the vicinity where the curculios promised to destroy entirely my plums, peaches, etc. The powder was fired off one calm night, and it not only destroyed every curculio, but every winged insect in my entire orchard." Other persons have been experimenting with this plan of killing the caterpillar in the cotton field, but we have not yet heard of their success. We think there may have been some predisposing favorable cause to help Col. Hardee, but would doubt the general utility of the method. It is probably but of temporary value.

The Methodist, The New Religious Weekly


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Mexican Ageratum, (Ageratum Mexican)

Delicate pah Hue, grows a foot high, Hewers all the summer and autumn.

Mexican Cactus

From Gard. Magazine Of Botany. Echinocactus Rhodophthalmus

The Mexican Everbearing Strawberry

The Germantown Telegraph Bays, that the Mexican and the old Alpine, grown on the grounds of its Editor, are one and precisely the same, not a particle of difference being discovered in their growth for several years, and considers Mr. Fuller's exposure as complete and final.

Michaux And Nuttall's Stlva

By the late disastrous fire at the Artisans' Building, in Philadelphia, the whole of the remainder of the sheets of the edition of Michaux and Nuttall's Sylva were destroyed. It will be immediately reprinted, but orders on hand will necessarily be temporarily delayed.

Michigan Agricultural Transaction

Mr. J. C. Holmes, the Secretary, will please accept our sincere thanks for a complete set of the Michigan Agricultural Transactions,, which contain much of great value, and shall receive an examination soon. The volumes increase in bulk yearly, like a youth who is growing to manhood; should they go on growing, they will soon be giants. We would suggest to all public libraries the propriety and utility of collecting these State publications, which will transmit to posterity a history of our doings, better, perhaps, than any other species of printed books. They will be examined by antiquaries and commented on by our successors with eager interest; the improvements noted, and our - to them - odd beginnings will be a fruitful source of amusement sometimes.