Muscat Catawba Grape

We have no information that is reliable on this subject. Anonymous correspondents will hardly succeed in palming upon us such a novelty, the existence of which may well be doubted until it has passed the examination of some society or persons known to be reliable.

Muscatine, Illinois

Portions of a new Directory for 1856, of Muscatine City, Illinois, have been forwarded to us. It is compiled by John Mahin, and contains much valuable information in the way of statistics. It appears that the population of Muscatine County in 1838 was 1,247, while in 1855 it reached 14,000. The work contains tables of the early and late frosts. The earliest is October 8th, and the last June 6, the middle of May being the average. The table of rain is complete, and was made for the Smithsonian Institute by T. S. Parvin.

My Captivity Among The Sioux Indians

Mrs. Kelly was captured by the Sioux Indians, in 1864, while crossing the plains. Her husband escaped. She was kept in bondage for five months, during which time she underwent a great variety of hardships, and saw the wild scenery and life of those remote inhabitants of the far Northwest. The story has an intense interest, because of its truth and the thrilling incidents related. It is told in a plain, readable style, and abounds in illustrations, among which is a steel engraving of the author, who must have been a lady of uncommon nerve, and quickness of thought and action. Published by Wilstach, Baldwin & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Myatt's Linnceus

First quality in all respects, very early and productive, color pink, large size.

Myatt's Prince Albert

Very early, and a good sort for forcing, color light pink.

Myatt's Prolific Hautboys

Long-conical, rounding to both ends; of a dull, deep pink color, nearly white on one side; size, good, frequently an inch in length; very sweet, with a peculiar strong musky flavor, which might not be relished by such persons as object to the Seckel and Bartlett Pears, and there are some such. Notwithstanding the remark in Mr. Pardee's work, that it is prolific only in "runners," it is with me one of the most productive in fruit, and bears well, however much the plants are crowded. The fruit is borne upon tall stalks keeping it out of the reach of dirt.

Myatt's Victoria

Good quality, early, productive, very large size, color dark red. I have gathered six stalks of this kind at the same time from one crown which weighed over thirty-three pounds.

Myron R. Benton

We shall be greatly obliged by a sight of the remarkable apple you mention, at its next ripening.


"Mr. Jeffrey,' writes Sydney Smith to the Countess Grey, " wanted to persuade me that myrtles grew out-of-doors in Scotland, as here. Upon cross-examination, it turned out that they were prickly, and that many had been destroyed by the family donkey".


Dr. Brinckll: Thinks it is imported. Mr. Hovey considers it a native. Mr. Walker: Worthless. Mr. Berckmans: Sent specimens to Belgium to the Royal Society, which decided it did not belong there. The same reply was received from Paris.