New Weed

Our agriculturists should be on the look out for a new candidate for their spite and ill will. It is a native of Peru, and probably Mexico, but begins to be pretty often met with in the neighborhood of large towns. About the Woodlands Cemetery near Philadelphia, it is tolerably abundant. It is a composite plant, or of the same natural order as the Rag weed, (Ambrosia artimesiaefolia) named by Botanists, Galinzogoa parviflora, and is an annual. It seeds when very small, yet grows one or two feet in height, and seems to be quite at home in our climate. The leaves are ovate and very hairy, and the flowers with a yellow disk, and five broad, but short white rays. It will reproduce hundreds of plants in a few weeks if left to seed; but fortunately it is annual, and has no other mode of reproduction. Moreover the least frost entirely destroys them for the season. P.

New York State Agricultural Society

President, Benj. F. Huntington, Oneida County; Vice-Presidents, John Jay, of Westchester County, Charles S. Wainwright, of Dutchess County, Herman Wendall, of Albany, Calvin T. Hulburd, of St. Lawrence, John Butterfield, of Oneida, Francis M. Botch, of Otsego, James O. Sheldon, of Ontario, T. C. Peters, of Genesee; Corresponding Secretary, B. P. Johnson, Albany; Recording Secretary, Erastus Corning, Jr., Albany; Treasurer, Luther H. Tucker, Albany; Exieutive Committee, Hon. A. B. Dickinson, of Steuben, L. Chandler Ball, of Rensselaer, Charles P. Wood, of Cayuga, Ezra Cornell, of Tompkins, and Sam. T. Thome, of Dutchess.

New York State Committee

P. Barry, Rochester; J. J. Thomas, Macedon; Charles Downing, Newburgh; S. B. Parsons, Flushing; John B. Eaton, Buffalo.

The duty of every State Committee, as defined in the by-laws, is "to forward to the general Chairman, one month before every meeting, state pomological reports, to be condensed by him for public action".

The New York Tribune

Horace Greeley's Essays, "What I know of Farming," which have been published in The Tribune every week during 1870, are to be printed in Pamphlet form, and a copy will be sent, post-paid, to each subscriber who sends $10 for The Daily, $4 for The Semi-Weekly, or $2 for The Weekly Tribune, and requests the book at the time of subscribing. This will enable old subscribers to secure the Essays for preservation, on renewing their subscriptions, and new subscribers will, of course, be glad to obtain them, free of cost. See advertisement on opposite page for club terms.

The article on p. 365, December No. last, should have been credited to Edgar Sanders instead of Dr. Hull. On p. 362, read Musky instead of musty juice.

New Your State Agricultural Society

The Annual Meeting of this Society will be held on the second Wednesday of February. The "Winter Exhibition of Fat Cattle, Sheep, Poultry, Fruit, Grain, Ac, on Tuesday the 7th, Wednesday 8th, and Thursday, 9th February, at Albany. Address at the Capitol by Prof. E. Carr, Albany University, on Wednesday Evening, February 8th, and by the President, Lewis G. Morris, on Thursday evening.