Pears In The Garden Of Plants

The collection of pears in the Jardin des Plantes, at Paris, was begun 1792. In 1793 there were 186 varieties of all kinds of fruits. In 1824, when Thouin died, there were 265 varieties of pears alone; now there are more than 1,400 varieties.

Pears On Mountain Asn

A Western correspondent writes us that he "has pear trees on mountain ash roots, or stocks, planted since 1848, and that they prove successful." We have no doubt of the mountain ash proving a good stock for some varieties, and especially is it a good stock for sandy or light soils, where the quince roots do not thrive freely. The objection to the mountain ash is its too great liability to be attacked by the borer saper-da. We know a number of pear-trees, budded on mountain ash, now planted some twenty years, and they are healthy, apparently, and productive. If we recollect aright, some twenty-five years since the mountain ash was advised as a stock to grow the pear on in light soils by such growers as Manning, Ives, and others.

Pears On Thorns

(A Sub., Wilkesbarre.) They unite readily by grafting, but are shortlived, and worthless for all practical purposes.

Pears, With Descriptions

Mr. Editor:- Complying with your request, and sympathizing with you in your recent loss by fire, I am most happy to contribute my mite in sustaining your excellent Journal, which for more than fifteen years has been a constant companion on my table, I therefore annex descriptions of a few modern Pears, which, in my estimation, possess valuable characteristics.



Peat Earth

A. P. W., (Columbus.) The common black earth of swamps is of no value as a fertilizer in its raw state - being "sour," or full of acid. It will, therefore, do your trees and plants no good for the first year, if put on fresh from the swamp. Ton must reduce it, either by mixing it with fermenting manure, or by treating it with brine, ashes, or lime slaked with brine. The latter is the best mode. But if you wish to make it ready for immediate use, you can mix it with newly slaked lime - two bushels to a waggon load. Mix the lime in layers through the heap, and let it lie for a week - turn it over and let it lie a few days more, and it will be ready for use.

Pelargonium Aline Sisley

New, double white Geranium, of very dwarf, compact, free-flowering habit, flowers pure white, and foliage very handsome. Of the double white Geraniums which have appeared this season, this is one of the best.

Pelargonium Marie Lemoine

The finest Double Pink Geranium in cultivation; valuable for winter flowering.

Pelargonium Master Christine

The finest Pink Geranium ever offered; in habit the plant is dwarf and compact, very large trusses of the richest pink flowers, valuable alike for the flower garden in summer or the decoration of the conservatory or parlor window in the winter.

New Winter-Flowering Carnation, "Mai-mie." - A test of two seasons shows this to be the best white Winter-flowering Carnation cultivated. 'Its habit is neat and compact, attaining only from twelve to fifteen inches in height when in bloom. The flowers are of the purest white, borne in great profusion.