Pronouncing Bible

In which all the proper names are 'divided and accented as they should be pronounced, and a copious and original selection of References and namerous Marginal Headings are given, together with Introdnetions to each Book, and numerous Tables and Maps.

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This is the only one in print of the kind, embracing new and improved MAps, now REFER-ENCES, and much instruction necessary to a right understanding of the Scriptures - proper names divided and accented asthey are to be pronounced.

Propagating Honeysuckle

One of the simplest methods is to bend down a branch in spring and cover a portion of it in the earth; by autumn it will be well rooted, and can then be separated from the parent plant. Cuttings made in spring or winter will usually grow when planted in the open ground in the same manner as we do with currants. - Rural New Yorker.

Propagation Or Ornamental Trees

Be kind enough to designate such as you want information about, and we will endeavor to comply with your request.

Propagation of Plants

Mr. Fuller is perfectly at home in this article, and what he writes may be counted on as the record of practice, and a safe guide for all who choose to follow.

Proper Season Fof Pruning Shrubbery

Will you have the kindness to inform me through the columns of your Horticulturist the proper season for transplanting and pruning shrubbery? Also, for transplanting native forest trees! - likewise the proper season for pruning and lopping, or topping, the native forest trees! Thomas Fisher, 8d. - East Brook, Lawrence county, Penn.

Shrubs may be pruned lightly, to improve their form, at any time. Transplanting and lopping native forest trees, anytime from the fall of the leaf to the middle of April, in your climate.

The Proper Time To Prune Trees

In a recent visit to the East Pennsylvania Experimental Farm, among other experiments, we were shown one where limbs on an apple tree of considerable size had been sawed off at different months of the year, with the view to demonstrate the comparative healing of the stump. The edges of the wound were found to heal most thoroughly and quickly where the pruning had been done in the sixth month, (June). This corresponds with sound theory, as the tree is then in its greater vigor, and the sap circulation most active. - Practical Farmer.

Prospects For Fruit Near St. Joseph, Michigan

WITH the exception of peaches and blackberries, fruit in this region has not been materially injured by the winter. Young and vigorous peach trees are showing considerable bloom, and in a few instances it is reported there is enough for a full crop. Blackberries will be very scarce. The Clark and Philadelphia raspberries are looking finely. Some varieties of the sweet cherry are injured in the bud, but not "enough, perhaps, to lessen the crop materially. Grapes of most varieties are putting forth vigorously. Apple blossoms are plenty, and pear trees are as full of promise as the man who seldom pays.

Prospects Of Fruit

In Delaware the prospects for Peaches promise the largest yield ever known. Strawberries will be a moderate crop, about to 1/3 have been injured by a frost in the latter part of April.

In New Jersey there will be but few Strawberries, serious frosts having damaged them severely.

Around Cincinnati, nearly all the Strawberry blossoms were destroyed by frost.

In Central Illinois, the prospect for fruit is excellent, although some sections have suffered severely from late frosts.

Pears all over the country will be only a moderate crop, not over or 3-5 of last year. We think that the prices of all fruit will be well maintained, this year, - and less gluts than usual.