Rebbcca. Grape

Mr. Brocksbank advertises, this month, the Rebecca Grape at reduced pees. Mr. Charles Downing says of the Rebecca: "Flesh of some consistence, juicy, sweet, and delicious, with a peroeptible native perfume, but very agreeable. It has no toughness or acidity in its pulp, and ripens eight or ten days earner than Isabella, and keeping a loag time after it is gathered. This superior white grape is undoubtedly hardy. It is not so vigorous in its habit as Isabella and Catawba, and not disposed to mildew, and being exceedingly beautiful as well as excellent, it must be regarded as a very great acquisition".

Rebecca And Delaware Grapes

So anxious have grape lovers been to obtain the new grapes, that growers have been obliged to sell small plants forced in hot beds, to supply the demand. It would be no wonder if the poor starvlings had not proved hardy; outcry has been made against them, but notwithstanding this they are hardy grapes.

Rebecca. Graph

After the above was written, Mr. Brocksbank, of Hudson, forwarded a box of the Rebecca Grape; good as the Delaware is, the Rebecca is very superior, and we are free to say it is, in our opinion, the best out-of-door grape we have. A good crop of it will take the place almost of the hothouse productions. We inserted the word " almost" after the foregoing, in consequence of having, from a valued friend, such specimens of Black Hamburg and Muscats as made us waver a little. But in these times, when coal and labor are expensive, the Rebecca is a capital substitute, and the Delaware also. From this time forward, we give up the Catawba for a table grape, and graft on the vines these two.

Receipt For Winter Salad

Boil one or two onions quite mild; when cold mash them, and mix with sliced celery and cooked beet-root. Dress this salad with oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. This salad, with hot meat, will be found very nice in the winter months.

Red And White Cedar

These look well for a time, but in a few years drop their lower leaves and become unsightly.

We now come to our own favorite, and to our proposed PREMIUM.

Red Canada Or Old Nonsuch

A general expression in its favor, although S. Walker found it to overbear, and produce some very small fruit - others had found it spotted - 14 votes placed it on the list for special localities.

Red Jacket

This is one of the latest ripening varieties, coming in with Downer's Late, to which it is far superior in size and quality of the fruit, and the tree equally hardy but more spreading, and growing to a larger size. It is one of the most vigorous and hardy of the sweet cherries, an abundant bearer, of a large fruit mostly overspread with red when fully ripe, half tender, juicy, sweet, and rich; fine for table and highly to be valued for market or canning.

Red Lily - Lilium Philadelphicum

Of all the tribes of wild flowering plants, the Lily, in our estimation, stands preeminent It is noticed in the sacred writings as of great brilliancy and beauty.

The Red Lily may be found in bushy places, on the borders of woods; we have found it growing in great abundance on the sandy plain between Albany and Schenectady. The stalk rises from 2 to 2 1/2 feet high, supporting one solitary flower. It blooms in June and July. The color varies from dark to light red, with a tinge of yellow. This is a highly ornamental plant, very little inferior, and not much unlike, the Tiger Flower, for which we have paid one dollar for each plant. It deserves a place in every garden. Number of flowers increases by cultivation.