Remedy For The Peach Worm

Lay around each tree, early in spring, say April, half a peck to a peck of air-slaked lime, or wood-ashes. Spread them over the ground in the fall and it will make a good dressing. Renew again in the spring. Besides this, examine the trees several times during the season, and if the grub has made its way into any of the trees, cut it out Covering the tree with muslin at the time the fly lays her eggs, might be effectual, as you say. The point attacked is generally at the suriace of the ground.

Remedy for The Apple Bark Louse

The best remedy for this insect is, probably, the following: Boil leaf tobacco in strong lye until it is reduced to a pulp, and mix it with soft soap (made cold - not the jelly-like boiled soap), to make the mass about the consistence of thin paint, which will not be washed from the tree by the first rain. The fibres of the tobacco cause it to remain for some time. First trim the trees well, and apply the preparation, with a paint-brush, to every twig and limb, before the buds have much swelled in the spring. One hundred and fifty large trees can be gone thoroughly over, by two men, in a fortnight. These insects from neighboring yards will not attack trees thus treated.


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Remontant Roses

A French cultivator at Lyons, France, commends to our notice the following new remontant roses: Duo de Malakoff and Pauliska, as of the finest description.

Remontant, Or Hybrid Perpetual Roses

Auguste Mie; a fine, glossy pink; a new and exquisite rose, of perfect form.

Baron Prevost; bright rose, large size; strong growth.

Baron Halley; reddish purple; very perfect; globe shape.

Geant des Batailles; brilliant scarlet crimson; an abundant bloomer - all qualities good.

Jules Margottin; bright crimson; a companion to the former; a new and magnificent rose.

Lion of Combats; crimson purple; large, compact form; very fragrant.

Louise Peyronny; bright pink; finer than La Reine.

Marquis Boccella; the most abundant bloomer; of a light blush color.

Madam Fremion; bright carmine; fine form.

Madam Rivers; pale silver blush; very perfect cup shape.

Queen Victoria; very large; blush white, tinted with pink; a magnificent flower.

Pius the 9th; deep purple crimson; a strong grower and profuse bloomer.

Wm. Griffiths; rosy lilac; very large; cup form; quite distinct; a noble flower.