NEVER was a word so cheerfully written, and never did any enterprise deserve so worthy a compliment as the good old Horticulturist. Its Twenty-fifth Anniversary has been indeed a Silver Wedding in its financial career. The past year it has paid its propriotor a dividend of 70 per cent upon ils capital, while its good will and privileges, under a very moderate valuation by others, has increased 130 per cent.

Is not this a record worthy of mention? After twenty-five years of chequered fortune - sometimes up and sometimes down - its twenty-fifth year at last is its most successful one, and to-day it is stronger than ever in the memories of its friends. Give thanks, friends, to Providence, who remembers the efforts of those who "try to help themselves.19

Success Of American Vegetables And Fruits Abroad

The Early Rose Potatoe has won a triumph even in Australia. In one place a single pound of seed produced 105 pounds in yield; another lot of two pounds of seed produced 300 weight within seven months.


The public may not be generally aware of the success of the new paper, Ladies' Floral Cabinet. In six months time it had reached a paying circulation, and now (only one and a half years old) has a larger subscription list than any horticultural journal ever gained in history, 17,000 copies of January number being printed to fill orders. It is still growing very rapidly.

Successful Cultivation Of Prunes

Prunes have been very successfully cultivated in Pennsylvania. Among the Economists, in Beaver County, they have been grafted on plums. Mr. Pfeiffer, of Indiana, raised prune -trees in large numbers, and sold them at exorbitant prices, some as high as $5 and $10. He had some of the fruit at the Pennsylvania State Agricultural Fair, held at Pittsburg, which sold readily at 50 cents a quart.

Successful Every Year

The Grape crop of California, it is stated, has never been known to have been a failure. Wet seasons or dry seasons, and every season they have done so well, as scarcely to cause any complaint.

Succession Crop

Notwithstanding the extreme fruitfulness of the Tomato, it often happens that the earliest planting becomes exhausted before the end of summer, and only produces a decreased quantity of inferior fruit) when a succession becomes useful. In this case, it is only necessary to sow in the open ground about the middle of April, and transplant as recommended above. The plants from this stock will continue to yield with certainty until cut down by frost; and if covered over at night, may be kept bearing longer than if unprotected.

Succession Or Flowers

The Blue-bell opens its violet blue spikes of blossoms, and all the flowers that have preceded it recognise the signal and disappear; their part is played - they will come on again next year for a fresh representation. Look at them well, admire their various forms, their fresh or brilliant colors, inhale their various perfumes, you will perhaps never see them again; if fortunate, you have at most twenty or thirty similar representations to behold.

But you see them depart without regret - they are replaced by so many others. In fact flowers will soon be so numerous it will be impossible to count them; every thing blossoms, or seems to blossom - trees, herbs, butterflies; but each has its day, each has its hour - none come before, none exceed the prescribed moment. - From the French of Alphonse Kars.