The Cracking And Warfield

P. S. - I have two varieties of apple, among the finest growing trees in my nursery, Cracking and Warfield; please describe them, I wish to plant, in orchard, but do not know their quality or time of ripening.

Cranstoun's Seedlings

Mr. Cranstoun, of Hoboken, has sent us specimens of seedling Phloxes, Verbenas, Petunias, and a Heliotrope. Some of the Phloxes will rank among the very best that we have ever seen. Two of the Verbenas are very beautiful, and of decided merit in form, color, and habit. The Petunias embrace double and single varieties, and some of them are very fine. The Heliotrope is of a dark color, somewhat like Voltairianum, with a very large truss of delicious fragrance. It is a free bloomer, and of good habit. We have named the best of the above seedlings, and hope Mr. Cranstoun will send them out; for they are very much too good to be kept from the public.


At the same time, from the garden of the Society, came branches loaded with ripe fruit of the following Crataguses, which are at present extremely ornamental, and in this respect, perhaps the best of their kinds, viz: Aronis, Leeana, Orientalis, Maoracantha, Coocinea, and Punctata brevispina. Of these, Leeana had fruit nearly as large and showy as that of a Siberian Crab; that of Aronia was pale yellow, and tolerably good to eat; Orientalis and Punctata had dull red port-wine colored fruit; Coocinea, large and bright red, while that of Maoracantha was brilliant red, with a beautifully smooth, polished surface. It will thus be seen that these Crataeguses are objects of great ornament in autumn when they are in fruit.

Crataegus Pyracantha

Evergreen Thorn - is one of the most beautiful irregular growing shrubs that we possess. Its beautiful, shining, deep-colored foliage, covered with white flowers in the latter part of summer, and followed with a profusion of scarlet berries which are retained throughout the winter, are additional recommendations for its general introduction.

Crawford's Early

It is of the yellow fleshed variety; large, generally oblong, but variable as to shape. Skin yellow, with red cheek. The fruit juicy and slightly acid; freestone.

Crawford's Late

Many think this peach to be the best of any grown, not only for its beautiful appearance, but the richness of its flavor. The fruit is large, roundish, with shallow suture ; the skin yellow, with dark red cheek. Ripens from the first' to the last of September.


There were many creepers, also, having the same general character with the trumpet creeper, but with flowers larger, and, much more delicate, of white, yellow, and blue. One of the finest shrubs was from five to ten feet high, with large, dark, shining leaves, eighteen inches long, by six wide, springing from the stalk in verticles of four, and having around their petioles a compact mass of flowers, which seemed, at a distance, of the deepest crimson, but, on closer examination, I found that it was the calyx, which was large, and fleshy, and beautifully crimson, while from it issued a tubular flower of the most delicate straw-color. These are set in clusters ten inches in diameter, around the axils of every whorl of leaves.