The Farm

A Pocket Manual of Practical Agriculture ; or How to Cultivate all the Field Crops. Embracing an Exposition of the Nature and Action of Soils and Manures; the Principles of Rotation in Cropping; Directions for Irrigation, Draining, Subsofling, Fencing, and Planting Hedges; Descriptions of Improved Farm Implements; Instructions in the Cultivation of various Field Crops; How to Plant and Manage Orchards, etc. With "Prize Essay on Farm Management." Illustrated. Paper, 80 cents; muslin, 50 cents.

"It will surely be his own fault if the reader of this work-does not make farming ' pay.' Ignorance of a few simple facts and principles, here made clear to the dullest comprehension, leads directly to those expensive blunders which ruin the farmer and bring discredit upon the science and art of agriculture.

Farm Talk

This is a series of short chapters upon various farming labors and cares. It is written in a plain and supposed common style of conversation, and while the practical teachings are good, we can not but dissent from the style. It may be too true, that some few of our farmers are so uneducated as to converse in the rude manner here presented ; but to place such manner in book form for the reading and education of the young, we do not think indicates a correct principle in the way of advancement of mind, and certainly its acceptance as a rule of New England farm-life conversation will not speak highly of the education of her rural population. It is published by Lee & Shepard, Boston. Price, $1.

The Farmer And Gardener

This monthly comes to us for July changed to an octavo, certainly a better form than its old one. A. M. Spangler continues as Agricultural Editor, and William Saunders assumes the Horticultural chair; both are capable and experienced men. In its new dress and improved form, we hope it may meet with increased success.

The Farmer's Advocate

We omitted this weekly in our list last month. It is published at Chicago, III, at $1 25 per annum. J. C. Medill & Co., editors and publishers; Charles Betts, Corresponding Editor.

Farmer's Club

The Farmer's Club of the American Institute holds weekly meetings for discussion; and though occasionally the time is too much taken up with outside matters, it very often happens that useful information is elicited and good things are seen. At a recent meeting a committee reported the following as the five most profitable strawberries for general cultivation: Hooker, Hovey, Longworth, Wilson, Jenny Land. Mr. Prince had a case of his seedlings, which were also noticed, as well as a large number from Mr. Fuller. Mr. Prince had on the table a very fine lot of Paeonies, and Mr. Hite made a very fine show of the Wilson. The Austin was also on exhibition, our opinion of which will be found elsewhere.

The Farmer's Companion

Or, Essays on the Principles and Practice of American Husbandry. With the Address prepared to be delivered before the Agricultural and Horticultural Societies of New Haven County, Connecticut. And an Appendix, containing Tables, and other Matter useful to the Farmer. By the late Judge Buel, To which is prefixed an Eulogy on the Life and Character of BuEl, by AMOs Dean. 12mo, Muslin, ... 75.