The Vies In France And Madeira

At a recent meeting of the Paris Agricultural Association, its President, M. Chevreul, reported favorably upon the nature of the vine disease, and the probability of its speedy disappearance. The Society regards the disease as purely climatic; not denoting degeneracy in the plant, but as likely wholly to cease with the cessation of the atmospherio influences. An American vine-grower and proprietor in Madeira thinks differently; he has been under the necessity of ploughing up nearly the whole of his vineyard, and beginning afresh. So great, however, was his apprehension of finding the European vine degenerated and liable to the malady, that he has come to the determination of replanting with Amerioan vines, as of newer and more vigorous growth, and trusting to the climate to restore the character of the produce. We may thus receive Catawba wine from Madeira. Cincinnati must look to her laurels.

View In Victoria Park, London

The sketch given in our frontispiece this month represents a lake in Victoria Park, London, with pagoda islands in the distance. As mentioned in a descriptive article by The Gardener's Chronicle, it is one of the best views in the park, and .shows how happily materials may be blended together in a small area, so as to form a beautiful picture. The water here does not occupy six acres, yet the outlines are very distinctly marked, and from the beauty of the finely formed trees which border the water so closely, it appears much larger. The park contains many fine trees. The island itself is rich in willows, many of them new varieties - the Salix Babylonica or Weeping Willow being much the most numerous and fine.

The Chinese pagoda, in the back ground, is that which was shown in the great International Exhibition of 1851.


The term muscat, applied to particular kinds of grape, is not derived from the perfumed or musky flavor of those varieties, but from the berries attracting flies, muscae, for which reason the Latins called the kind vitis apiaria.

Village Chuech

B. It would have been easy to design a simple gothic church, to be built of stone, and to accommodate the same number, for the same sum that the committee have determined to expend upon the building they have erected. We have sent you the sketch, and you can determine which would look most like a church. The whole cost would be about $6,500.