Tomato Seeds

We shall feel obliged for a few seeds each of any new variety that our friends have grown and consider valuable. We propose testing, side by side, every obtainable variety the coming season.


William, (New-Bedford.) If you pull up the tomato plants before the frost has touched them, and hang them up in a dry light seed room, or garret, the fruit will continue to ripen for several weeks.

Tompkins County Horticultural Society

The following is the list of officers for the ensuing year:

President - HEEMON CAMP. Vice Presidents - BENjamiN G. FERRIS, ElbkRt Cums, Thomas Bobsbxsox, HENRY BrEWER, Jambs PufM, Executive Cmmttee - George P. Frost, F&unc Atwater, Anbon Braman, hervey Platts, IIenry F. Hibbard. Treatwrer - Anson BRMAN. Corresponding Secretary - HARVEY A. DowE. Recording Secretary - Alfred WElls.

Too Early

"Now and then," writes the Rural New Yorker, that " it is becoming pretty well known that certain fruits can be sent to market sooner than wanted at profitable prices to growers. The area devoted to fruit is now so large that fruit from one section often arrives before it is wanted, and varieties are so interwoven and mixed up, that we have too many at one time in our markets to make any of them profitable".

Too Many Classes Of Plants

It is quite a too common failing with amateurs to gather into one house too many classes of plants, without thought of the natural habit and periods of growth they seek to group together, and to grow successfully plants from the tropics and from alpine regions. The result, as a rule, is, that one or the other must and does suffer. There is a variety sufficient to fill any one house, which have alike natural orders and temperatures of growth, and it is advisable always to confine the collection to them.

Too Much Shade Unhealthy

Mr. Greeley, a short time before his wife's death, said to a friend that the bronchial disease with which she was then severely afflicted, and which finally caused her death, was contracted by living in the " old house " upon his Chappaqua farm. That house stood in a forest grove which so overshadowed it that the sun was almost shut out. He said he tried to persuade his wife to let him cut away some of the trees, but she could not bear to see a single tree cut down. In time, however, the fatal disease got such a hold on her constitution, that Mr. Greeley put up a new house on a sunny portion of the farm, where the family lived during the latter years of their residence there.


Leaves make a good top-dressing, if mixed with some earth and lime and laid in a heap until they are pretty well decomposed. Apply in the fall, or very early in the spring.

Tore State Fair

The Twenty-first Annual Fair of the New York State Agricultural Society will be held at Watertown, Jefferson Co., September 17, 18, 19, and 20. The prize list is liberal and judicious. Let the farmers of New York State do their duty, and there will be a good time at Watertown next September.