Wilmington, Del.

Agricultural papers have long labored to disseminate the true theory of drainage among us, and probably they have convinced many farmers of its great importance. Another step is necessary: tiles for the purpose must be made abundant and reasonably cheap, and farmers must be told where they can procure them without too much cost. One example is worth a hundred descriptions; so that every person who demonstrates to his neighbors the value of drainage - to his neighbors does a positive good. This has been done in various places; the tiles are now sold at most agricultural warehouses, but they do not afford the vender a large profit, and you must ask for them, and perhaps meet with discouragement in procuring them; it is well therefore to go to head-quarters for a bulky article of little interest to the storekeepers. A letter with a stamp enclosed to John S. Hilles, Wilmington, Delaware, will procure this valuable pamphlet, and the tiles can be had from the same gentleman.

Address delivered before the Philadelphia County Medical Society. By Thomas F. Betton, M. D., President of the Society.

Characterized by his usual correctness of style and argument, and containing some home-truths, that coming from a regular graduate and extensive and popular practitioner, ought to sink deep into the minds of Trustees and Professors of Universities.