Ernst, president of the Cincinnati Horticultural Society, was read, desiring that the great exhibition* of the prominent horticultural societies should be held at such times as would give the members of each society an opportunity of visiting each other's display, and thus derive information mutually beneficial. The subject was referred to the appropriate committee.

December 16, 1851

The extreme severity of the weather precluded an extensive display, yet a number of objects of interest were shown; of which were a collection of plants, new, and recently introduced,and presented by Robert R. Scott, consisting of Drimys Winterii. Centropogon fastuoeum, Illicium religiosum, Franciscea ezimia, Veronica Andertonii and Hibucue, sp. The President's gardener exhibited a beautiful and neat table design, and a large and very handsome basket of the choicest flowers; in the latter were specimens of Phala-nopsis anmbilis rare, and other new and valus ble Orckidacea. Mr. Dundas' gardener brought in a very large and fine pyramidal bouquet of fruit. H. W. S. Cleveland exhibited three Urge bunches of Black Hamburgh Grapes. Isaac P. Baxter, dishes of Pears of the Passe Colmar and Vicar of Winkfield varieties. Of vegetables, there were seen very large specimens of potatoes and onions, grown in California, and shown by Wm. H. Evans. Very extensive tables of esculents in great variety, were presented by Anthony Felten, Jr., and Miss Gratz's gardener.

The committee for establishing premiums reported a schedule for the coming year, which was adopted by the Society. Tho. P. Jakes, Recording Secretary.