The Properties of Flowers and Plants, by George Glenny. - We are indebted to C. B. Miller, 634 Broadway, for a copy of the above work, which has for a long time been regarded as a standard work in England. The near approach of our annual horticultural exhibitions seems a fitting time to call attention to such a work. Though we do not agree with some of Mr. Glenny's rules, regarding them as too stiff and arbitrary, we still think some rules are quite necessary, especially for judges. A work of this kind should be in the library of every horticultural society; if not adopted as a standard, it will furnish a good basis upon which to frame one.

C. Beagles & Son, Union Nurseries, Schenectady, N.Y. - Wholesale Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Vines, Shrubs, etc. 1862.

Ellwanger & Barry, Mount Hope Nurseries, Rochester, N. Y. - Wholesale Catalogue or Trade List of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Dahlias, Bulbous Roots, Border Plants, Seedlings, etc, for autumn of 1802.

Edward Tatnall, Wawaset Nurseries, Wilmington, Dela. - Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Roses, eta.

The Historical Magazine, and Notes and Queries concerning the Antiquities, History, and Biography of America, August, 1862. New York, Charles B. Richardson, 264 Canal street London, Trubner & Co.

The Journal of the Illinois State Agricultural Society. Published monthly at Springfield.

W. IT. Bisley, Berlin, Conn. - Catalogue of Fruit-Trees, Grape-Vines, etc.

J. M. Thorburn & Co., 15 John street, New York. - Catalogue of Imported Dutch Bulbous Roots, Hyacinths, Tulips, Narcissus, Crocus, etc., with Directions for their culture. Autumn of 1862. - The Messrs. Thorburn are early on hand this season. We are glad to know that the war and the tariff will not prevent us from having fine bulbs this winter.

W. R. & M. D. Willson, West Bloomfield, Ontario Co., N. Y. - Wholesale Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, etc.

William Reid, Elizabeth, N. J. - Wholesale Price List for the Fall of 1862, of Fruit-Trees, etc.

H. Southwick & Son, Dansville, Livingston Co., N. Y. - Wholesale Catalogue of the Livingston Nurseries, for Autumn of 1862 and Spring of 1863.

Books, Catalogues, Etc., Received #1

P. & E. Transon Brothers, Orleans, France. - Nursery and Trade List for Autumn of 1862 and Spring of 1863. - We receive annually the Catalogue of Transon Brothers, and find it to contain an extensive assortment in the fruit and ornamental department. The present catalogue is intended for the trade. The agents here are Messrs. Knauth, Nachod, and Kuhne, 28 Broad Street, New York.

C. W. Grant, Iona, near Peekskill, N. Y. - Descriptive Catalogue of Vines, and Wholesale List. - This is a new edition of the Catalogue, with valuable additions to the descriptive matter. There is no Vine Catalogue like it.

Prince & Co., Flushing, L. I. - Catalogue of Small Fruits, Select Strawberries, etc., cultivated and for sale at the Linnaean Gardens and Nurseries. - This, we think, is the best catalogue of Strawberries yet issued by Mr. Prince. There are some 250 varieties, including his seedlings.

Thomas Morgan, successor to J. W. Faulkner, Stamford, Conn. - Annual Catalogue of Trees, Plants, etc.

Books, Catalogues, Etc., Received #2

Frost & Co., Genesee Valley Nurseries, Rochester, N. Y. - Wholesale Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Bulbs, etc., for autumn of 1862.

B. K. Bliss, Springfield, Mass. - Autumn Catalogue and Floral Guide, containing a choice collection of Dutch and Cape Flowering Bulbs - Hyacinths, Tulips, Narcissus, Crocus, Firs, Lilies, etc., with full and explicit directions for culture.

Isaac Pullen, near Hightstown, Mercer Co., N. J. - Catalogue for the Fall of 1862 and Spring of 1863, of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Vines, etc.

Andrew Bridgeman, 878 Broadway, New York. - Descriptive Catalogue No. 7, Bulbous and Tuberous Roots, with Directions for their Culture and Management.

J. F. Deliot & Co., at D. C. Ryder's Nurseries, Sing Sing, N. Y. - Price List of choice Grape-Vines, for 1862-3.

J. Knox, Pittsburgh, Pa. - Price List of Small Fruits, etc., for the Fall of 1862.

Hoopes & Brother, West Chester, Pa. - Wholesale Catalogue of the Ohung Hill Nurseries, for Autumn of 1862 and Spring of 1863.

Godey's Lady's Book. L. A. Godey, Philadelphia, $3 per annum. With liberal reduction to Clubs. - This old and well managed Magazine keeps on its steady course. No novelty escapes its enterprising publisher, and no pains are spared to make it first rate. One may as well be out of the fashion as without Godey.

John Saul, Washington, D. C. - Wholesale catalogue of Fruit, Evergreen, and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, etc., for the Autumn of 1862 and Spring of 1863.

Geo. W. Campbell, Delaware, Ohio. - Descriptive List of Hardy Native Grape-Vines. - Mr. Campbell has some very spicy correspondence at the end of his Catalogue.

The Country Gentleman. Luther Tucker and Son, Albany, N. Y. - The only weekly paper devoted mainly to Agricultural matters. It is of permanent value and interest, and reliable authority on all subjects of which it treats. Its corps of contributors is large, and comprises the best talent in the country, thus giving life and novelty in its treatment. It ought to be In every farm house in the country, and if so its effects could not be otherwise than a national gain. There is no one who cultivates the soil so poor that he can afford to be without it - Quarto, 16 pages, $2 per year.