9. Bouquet Da Flore

Bright carmine; opens freely, and blooms profusely from June to November; a strong vigorous grower, and admirably adapted for a mass. A very fine and striking Rose.

10. Comte D'Eu

Brilliant carmine, very showy, and continues to bloom well through the summer and autumn; a moderately strong grower. Forms a lovely bed. Distinct and very good.

11. Enfant D'Ajaccio

Scarlet crimson, very bright; a moderately strong grower. Its only bad quality is, that it will not open well in hot summer weather, but in autumn it is truly brilliant; the rains of October appear not to affect it in the least; I have seen it at this season, and as late as the middle of November, a sheet of dazzling bloom. Very beautiful and good.

12. George Cuvier

Rosy crimson, fine shape, expands its blooms freely, a moderate grower. Distinct and superb.

13. Grand Capitaine

Velvety, fiery scarlet, very brilliant; opens its flowers well both in summer and autumn; not very double; dwarf habit, well adapted for a small bed, where the intense brilliancy of its flowers will show to advantage. One of the most distinct of Roses.

14. Pierre De St. Cyr

Glossy rose, fine large flower, expands well and blooms profusely; a most robust grower. Will form a splendid clump to contrast with any of the strong growing Hybrid Perpetuals. A superb Rose.

15. Queen

Fawn-color shaded with salmon, very sweet scented. One of the first and last in bloom, while invariably expanding its flowers well, which appear in profusion. Rather dwarf habit, but will form a lovely small clump. Distinct and beautiful.

16. Souehet

Purplish carmine, large flower and a good dark variety; indeed, one of the best of this class for the purpose; moderate grower, expanding its blooms with freedom. Superb.

17. Souvenir De La Malmaison

White with fawn center, very large and magnificent, flowering freely through the summer and autumn, strong grower. This will make a gor- geous clump, in contrast with such Roses as Baronne Prevost, La Reine, etc.

Bourbon Roses #1

Acidalie; the only rose that is nearly white amongst the Bourbons.

Apolline; pink; surpasses the Hermosa in form and clearness of color.

Bouquet de Flore; bright rosy carmine; a very strong grower.

Henry Clay; bright carmine; very large flower, though not a perfect form.

Louise Odier; bright rose; beautiful cup shape.

Queen; fawn color; a profuse bloomer, but not a very free grower.

Sir Jos. Paxton; very bright rose; strong growth; as yet, very rare.

Souvenir d'Anseleme; bright red; a strong grower.

Souvenir de Malmaison; pale blush; the largest and finest of this group.

Vorace; deep purple crimson.

[Mr. Buist is "authority" on the Rose; his communication is timely and to the point. The late winter has been so severe upon most roses that a new stock will be required in many gardens, and fortunate will be those who can procure the novelties here noted. The amateur will not neglect the Crested Moss. - Ed].