Tannic acid - one gallon of tan-liquid to one hundred gallons of water.


Manure water - the manure liquid of the barn-yard.

Spring water - water from an adjacent pond.

June 22d. The measurent, also, of this fruit, gave the advantage in quantity to the tannic acid, the second place to the spring water. The manure water produced the greatest number of the largest berries.

July 3d. Three dishes of fruit were submitted to the gustatory judgment of Dr. Jambs Gilbert, of Savannah, and Mr. Robert Colgate, of New-York. The labels were purposely removed, and the trials were made at two different periods of the day. Their final decision was " that the three specimens of fruit exhibited a marked and peculiar flavor, sufficient to distinguish them apart; that tannic acid examples were the most luscious and artificial; those of the spring were the next best and most natural; and those of the manure water were, also, more artificial, but not so palatable".