It is proposed to offer to the readers of the Horticulturist a monthly calendar of operations, or hints of the work to be performed in the fruit, vegetable, and flower gardens, greenhouse, grapery, pleasure grounds, etc.

The subjects are both extensive and prolific, requiring volumes instead of pages for their proper elucidation; calendars in general are, therefore, either too brief to be valuable, or too lengthy and minute for the limited space which can be spared in a monthly periodical. We shall attempt to steer a middle course, and direct our remarks rather to the principles of culture, and those fundamental laws which govern vegetable growth, than to the mere explanation of practical details; the latter, however, will, to a certain extent, be recognised. This course is, indeed, rendered imperative in a work that circulates in a country embracing every variety of climate, from the frigid to the torrid zones. But Nature's laws are universally alike, her modes of action are the same in every climate, and the same laws are observed whether in the production of the tiny moss or the gigantic sequoia. It may further he necessary to state that I make no pretensions to instruct experienced cultivators, but write with a view to assist and increase that already numerous class of amateurs who find their greatest pleasure in rural pursuits, and in the contemplation of the " varied works" of Nature.