One of my lady correspondent? complain very much of her Calla Lily which "grows vigorously but produces no flowers, and has not had any for two years." Without asking any questions, I venture the assertion that the trouble is not in the bulb as she supposes, but is in her mode of caring for the plant. She probably waters it regularly the whole year, and thus keeps up a constant growth which effectually prevents bloom. All bulbs must have a season of rest in order to produce fine bloom, but her lily gets none. It is too late to remedy the trouble so as to obtain the winter or spring which she desires, but we would suggest the following treatment for next season. About the last of May or early in June turn the pot on its side under a tree, and, if possible, forget it entirely, until the last of August r first of September, when she may place it on her shelf and supply water' gradually at first, and as the leaves increase, more liberally; if summer bloom is wanted, let the rest be in the winter.