A subscriber requests as to give a plan and elevation of a cheap carriage-house and stable, to have a neat exterior expression, and, at the same time, not infringe on the convenience and space within; he also limits the expense to $250 - a very small sum, indeed, for such an edifice. The annexed plans will cor-rectly convey the only manner in which so cheap a barn can be constructed, without entirely losing sight of ornamental effect. We will premise that the material is wood. The posts should not be less than 8 by 12 inches; the sills should be somewhat thicker; the remaining sticks can be 6 by 9 joist, and 3 by 4 scantling. The weather boarding should be secured perpendicularly to the frame, and the joints protected by narrow strips, bevelled; finish the inside with rough hemlock boards, filling the space between the out and inside boarding with oat straw, rammed down compactly. A stable cannot be too warm.

The ground plan exhibits a carriage room, 14 by 14, with an entrance from the front side of the building, and is also in easy communication with the harness-room and stalls. The stalls are each 14 by 5 1/2, containing crib;feed-ing troughs, etc. They also have a door in the front. As a cow is indispensable to the . cottager, we have provided a suitable apartment for her winter quarters. It is 14 by 5. The hay loft is arrived at by a stairway contiguous to the harness-room. The loft is so arranged as to permit of foddering both horse and cow from nearly the same openings. To secure proper ventilation, and also to add a decorative feature, & small cupola is attached to the roof, rising from the centre.

A very durable and cheap paint for a barn is produced by mixing common French yellow (worth about five cents a pound) with lamp-black, which creates a beautiful, clear olive, and will keep color for several years. - Horticultural Review.

Carriage House And Stable For A Small Cottage 110081Carriage House And Stable For A Small Cottage 110082Carriage House And Stable For A Small Cottage 110083Pterin argentea   Adiantum fonnosuta. Sarracenia Drummondl.

Pterin argentea. - Adiantum fonnosuta. Sarracenia Drummondl. - Adiantum cultratum. Pteris macrophyllus. Daria diversifolla.

A capital plan. The floor accommodations cannot be bettered; yet, if the roof were steeper, and, instead of being hipped, gables were run up at each end, the hay-loft would have twice the room in it, and cost no more than the plan now given. Builders of such things should always recollect that half the beauty connected with them is their utility for the purposes to which they are designed.