Seventh National Exhibition of the United States Agri cultural Society, to be held in Chicago Sept 12th to 17th, 1859; with the huge and wonderful poster, showing that something valuable is to be accomplished; this poster would make a comfortable blanket!

Wholesale Catalogue of the Du Page County Nurseries, Naperviile, 111., Lewis Ellsworth & Co., Proprietors.

Descriptive Catalogue of Dahlias, Verbenas, Fuchsias, etc., etc., for sale by Thorp, Smith & Hanchett, at the Syracuse Nurseries, New York.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, for sale by Thorp, Smith & Hanchett, Syracuse, N. Y. These are very full catalogues, and discriminating in their character.

Feast's Fillmore Strawberry Circular; with an engraved portrait of the fruit and vine. S. Feast & Sons, Baltimore, Md.

Wholesale Catalogue of hardy ornamental trees, at the Great Valley Nurseries, New York, by S. T. Kelsey & Co. .

Twenty-First Aunual Report of the American Institute, 1859, at the Palace Garden, New York; will be opened October 28, 1859. Premiums offered, $1,600. Annual Catalogue of the Gloaming Nursery, 1859 and 1860. Jarvis, Van Buren &, Co., Clarksville, Georgia. A collection of southern seedling fruits will here be found, beyond competition as to numbers and excellence.

Choice collection of New Roses. Thomas G. Ward, Washington, D. C, being the kinds raised by Prof. Charles G. Page.

Descriptive Catalogue of Grope-Vines, Strawberry Plants, and Small Fruit, for sale by Samuel Miller, Calm dale, Lebanon, Lebanon Co., Penn. Grapes are now the subject of great interest in horticulture, and much attention is being paid to all kinds. Mr. Miller has fruited one hundred varieties, and has given great attention to their qualities; has gone heart and hand with the business, and may be relied on for filling orders satisfactorily. We should not go wrong in recommending planters to get his catalogue and take his advice what sorts to grow.

Patent Office Report for 1858, a work of which we shall have something to say.

Letters on Modern Agriculture. By Baron Von Liebig. Edited by John Blyth, M. D. London, 1859.

A Manual of Scientific and Practical Agriculture, for the School and the Farm. By J. L. Campbell, A. M. Illustrated. Philadelphia, 1859.

Country Life: A hand-book of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Landscape Gardening. By R. Morris Copeland. Boston, 1859. A very handsome book which we have not found time thoroughly to read.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, etc, at the Hermann Nurseries, Missouri; Husman & Manwaring, Proprietors. A very good catalogue of valuable stock, including a great variety of grapes.

Wholesale Catalogue of Parsons & Co., Flushing, near New Turk, for the autumn of 1859.

Choice collection of new Roses. Thos. G. Ward, Washington, D. C.

Trade List of Roses. James Pentland, Greenmount Nurseries, Baltimore, Md.

Descriptive Annual Catalogue of Bulbs and Flowering Roots, offered by J. M. Thorburn & Co., 15 John St., New York. A capital list. Henry A. Dreery, Philadelphia, ditto.

Fruit and Ornamental Trees, etc, for sale at the Leavenworth Nursery. Howsley and Burr.

Lyons Nursery, 1S59. E. Ware Sylvester, Lyons, Wayne county, N. Y.

Transon, Forteau & Sons' Nurseries, Orleans, Franco. Trade list for 1859, '60. Plants as cheap as parsnips.

Wilson Agricultural Society's First Annual Exhibition, Oct. 12, 1859; but there is nothing but the printer's residence, Lockport, N. Y., to designate where Wilson is located.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, for sale at the Hopewell Nurseries, near Fredericksburg, Va., Henry R. Roby, Proprietor. A very extensive assortment which we know there ought to be a demand for in some parts of Virginia.

Ellwanger & Barry's Descriptive Catalogue of Fruits, Rochester, N. Y. . This should be read by every planter as well as the following:

Ellwanger & Barry's Descriptive Catalogue of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, Roses, Flowering Plants, etc., etc, etc.

Ellwanger & Barry's Catalogue of Dahlias, Verbenas, Fuchsias, Geraniums, Chrysanthemums, Phloxes, and other select Greenhouse, Hothouse, and Bedding-out Plants. Rochester, N. Y.

Mount Hope Nurseries, Rochester, N. Y. Ellwanger & Barry's Wholesale Catalogue, or Trade List of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, etc, etc, 1859 and 1860.

Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, cultivated and for sale by Peters, Harden & Co., Atlanta, Georgia. A good descriptive list of a good stock.

Descriptive List of Fruit and Ornamental Trues, etc, etc, cultivated and for sale by P. J. Berckmans & Co., Augusta, Geo. We congratulate our Georgia friends upon having such nurseries as the above. Messrs. Berckmans also issue a supplemental catalogue for 1 659-60. Descriptive Catalogue of Select Fruit-Trees at the Nurseries of Thomas & Herendeen, Mac-edon, and Union Springs, N. Y.