The September exhibition of this Society was held at Stanford Hall, in the city of Auburn, on the 20th. The following is a list of the premiums awarded:


Applet- Best twenty varieties, S. 8. Graves; second best, H. S. Dunning. Best six varieties, W. D. Osborn. Best one variety, 8. 8. Graves. Pears. - Beat twelve varieties, S. S. Graves; second best, H. B. Rathbnn. Best three varieties, H. B. Balhbun. Best one variety, Wm. Cutting. Peaches, - Best ten varieties, S.S. Grcves. Best three varieties, H. B. Rathbun. Best one variety, B. B. Clapp. Plums, - Best one variety, S. S. Graves. QuinceS. - Best variety, H. H. Bostwlck. Grapes. - Foreign - Bet three varieties, H. B. Bathbnn. Best one variety, D. M. Osborn. Native - Best three varieties, H. B. Bathbnn. Best two varieties, Wm. Cutting. Best one variety, D. 0. Baker. Watermelons. - Best two varieties, J. Ives Parsons. Citrons. - Best three varieties, S. Black-hurst Best and greatest variety of Fruit, S. S. Graves.


Plants. - Best six varieties In pots, Wm. Osborn. Dahilas. - Best twenty varieties, P. R. Freeoff Best twelve da, P. B. Freeoff; second best da do., J. H. Chedell Best six do., P. B. Freeoff; second best da da, 8, Blackhurst Best specimen bloom, P. R. Freeoff. Hoses. - Best twelve varieties, S.S. Graves; second best, P. R. Freeoff. Best six varieties, P. R. Freeoff; second beet, S.S. Graves. Best single Boss, W. Osborn. Verbena, - Best twenty varieties, P. B. Freeoff; second best, W. Osborn. Best twelve varieties, W. Osborn; second best, H. T. Dickinson. Best six varieties, W. Osborn. Best seedling never before exhibited, P. B. Freeoff; second best, J. Ives Parsons. German Asters. - Best display, Mrs. B. Sheldon; second best, P. R. Freeoff. Phlowes, - Best display, B. BlackhursL Petunias. - Best 4 varieties, "W. Osborn; second best, S. Blackhurst Balsams, - Best display, Mrs. Burtls; second best, P. R. Freeoff. Best display of annual and perennial flowers, W. Osborn; second best, P. B. Freeoff; third best, S. Blackhurst.

Boquets And Floral Designs

Best round boquet for centre table vase, P. B. Freeoff; second best, Wm. Cutting. Best flat boquet for mantel vase, P. R. Freeoff; second best, H. H. Bostwlck. Best and most beautiful round hand boquet, W. CuLTING; second best, P. R. Freeoff. Best and most beautiful flat hand boquet, P. B. Frecoff For greatest number of boquets, P. R. Freeoff; second greatest number, S. BlackhursL Best and most beautiful basket boquet, Miss Laura Osborn. Best and most beautiful floral design, Mrs. S. A. Goodwin; second best, Mrs. William Osborn; third best, P. R. Freeoff.


Potatoes. - Best Seedling, they award to 0. Howland subject to his report; best 1/2 peck, J. R. Page; second best, Edmund Grunt. Squashes. - Besi two specimens (sweet potatoe variety,) Edmund Grant; second best, II. B. Bathbnn; third best, Edmund GranL Beets. - Best long blood, Wm. Cutting; second best, Edmund Grant Carrots. - Best, J. M. Sherwood; second best, 8. 8. Graves. Parsnips. - Best,'J. M. Sherwood; second best, Edmund Granl Egg Plant. - Best, Edmund Grant; second best, S.S. Graves. CabbageS. - Best, Edmund Grant; second best, J. Ives Parsons. Caultyoioers, - Beet, Dr. TheO. Dimon; second best, W. D. Osborn. Celery. - Best, J. M. Sherwood,; second best, E. Grant Tomatoes. - Best, Fred. Prince; second best, E. Grant Best exhibition of different kinds, S. Blackhurst; second best, J. M. Sherwood. Lima Beans. - Best, W. D. Osborn; second best, II. H. Bostwlck. Cucumbers. - Best, J. M. Sherwood; second best, S. BlackhursL Green Corn. - Best, E. Grant; second best, S. Graves. Peppers. - Best display, W. Osborn; second best, J. Brown. Onions.

Best, E. Chamberlain; second best, Wm. Cutting. Best display of vegetables, E. Grant; second best, William Cutting; third best, S. Blackhurst.

They award a diploma to Mr. J. Waldron for a fine display of ten varieties of potatoes.

They also award a diploma, to Frank McCarty, gardener for Mr. S. Blatchford, for a fine specimen of cucumber it being two feet ten inches long.

Also a diploma to Anthony Ovlngton, gardener for Rev. Dr. Cressey, for some fine specimens of "Ochre".

Also a diploma to John Benshaw, gardener for J. M. Sherwood, for two varieties of sweet potatoes.