At the same time, Mr. Rivers brought specimens of Belle Agathe Cherry - a variety about the size of a Merry, and heart-shaped, with a firm, Bigarreau flesh, and of excellent flavor. The color is dark red." A Cherry in October is valuable, and one which the birds and insects will not touch, is doubly so. Belle de Septembre Plum is a very excellent kitchen variety, with rather more flavor than kitchen varieties usually have late in the season. We have seen it cooked, and its juice is of a beautiful, lively crimson, as if colored with cochineal. It also makes an excellent preserve".

A New Cherry #1

A new cherry, similar to the Early Richmond, but much hardier and sweeter than that variety, has made its appearance in Iowa. The Iowa Homestead speaks of the tree as "a botanical curiosity, the twig and bud strongly indicating their origin from the Morello family, while the leaf as strongly resembles those of the Duke family." It is not strictly a new sort, the parent tree having been brought from Germany about 25 years ago, and at present it is in the pessession of its introducer, Mr. Lieb, at Galena, 111., after whom it is named.

Corresponding Editors Josiah Hoopes, James Taplinvol.29. September, 1874. No. 339