Edited by Abel Stevens D. D. Carlton & Porter, publishers, New York. - The original of the Advocate family, now a pretty large one. It always has some choice things for the farmer and gardener. It is conducted with great ability.

We omitted to mention, in our notice of the new volume of the American STock Journal, the accession of Dr. Dadd to the veterinary department. He is well known as being among the .first of his profession, and his labors will give an additional value to the pages of the Journal.

We are indebted to Mr. Chorlton for a fine assortment of Camellias: Alba Plena, Imbricata, Fimbriata, Donkelaarii, Lady Home, Prattii, etc., all large and delicious blooms.

The City and Farm was omitted in our list last month. It is published weekly at Wheeling, Va., at $1 25 per annum.

The Constitution, By-Laws, etc., of the Portland Horticultural Society, organized November, 1859. We hope this young Society may grow up to be a giant in usefulness. We print a list of its officers elsewhere.