Buffalo - most like New York in all its commercial movements, has been so accustomed to consider every foot of ground precious, that it has forgotten that there is a time to breath and rest, as well as to labor. It has noble opportunity for pleasure ground and Park upon the water side, so that the whole panorama of the lake and its commerce would be in view. Nor is it yet too late for such good work to be done, and taste and opulence and enterprise are finding permanent home in this great Western City.

London has held its great Parks since the days of that termagant old king - Harry the VIII - a monarch who scolded out more good than other sovereigns now by persuasion. When Hyde belonged to the Abbot of St Peter, it may have rejoiced the demure dwellers of his monastery at Westminster, but it did not promise much for the people. It was fortunate for the citizens of the World's Metropolis that this Eighth Harry was not so intently occupied with brief love and quicker anger of theKatherines, but that he liked the chase of partridge, and phsassnt, and heron, to well, that he preserved for his hunt, the Parks.

A simple taste, and a less royal lineage, must secure our own great Park. It shall be the gift of this century of New Yorkers to the next, for it will be by the long and slow, bat inevitable process of many years, that hill-side, and vale, and plain, and terrace, and mound, shall be shadowed by the huge and breve trees. When it shall hare been declared officially, the Park, then comes its severe trial, for then shall issue oat upon it all manner of experimenters and essayists in landscape.

I have already heard it declared that there most be a general leveling of all therocks ! Doubtless the crags must be crushed, afterwards to be rebuilt, as did our romantic neighbor of the Bowling Green, in piles of very ludicrous shelvings. Perhaps there may be good sense to save this great area of surface from invasions of men, who, not being able to see what is really beautiful, go to work to create it Let not our new Park be included among the spoils.

With due humility towards our associate, venturing on a field he has won so well, I would ask our Honorable Commissioners Bradish, Kbit, and their worthy associates, to let us remember them as Anthony uttered of Gasar : all his walks. His private arborn, and new planted orchards, On that side Tiber, he hath left them you And to your betrs forever, common pleasures To walk abroad and recreate yourselves".

Sentinel, in N. Y. Courier & Enquirer, May 12.