Now is a good time to propagate Coleus for bedding; the cuttings will root in a few days and make good plants by the time they are required for bedding. We have a very numerous list of these plants to select from, but there are but few which are thoroughly satisfactory for planting outside; some of the varieties will not stand sun satisfactory, and others are not decided enough in color. The old Verschaffeltii is good under all circumstances and is yet the most telling of all; and We have not seen any of the golden edged varieties surpass Princess Royal. Of course there are many other golden edged varieties which may be as good, but this we have tried with others in all positions and it was satisfactory. In positions where the various shades of black and brown are desirable, we have plenty to select from, all more or less satisfactory, but it is generally preferable to neutralize with shades of green when possible, than to introduce mourning into such a lively spot as the flower garden. The Coleus being such a fast growing and easily propagated plant, it is well to try any new varieties when they appear, for nearly all are worth growing as pot plants, to fill up a gap inside at any time during the summer; they require but little attention besides abundance of water, and are also useful to make a show at the autumn State fair.

Coleus #1

Pot a few plants of the bright-colored varieties into six-inch pots, to have another shift into about ten-inch pots if large plants are required. These plants are very useful to fill up any gap in the greenhouse during the summer, and if well grown, are not to be despised as an exhibition plant at the autumn state fairs. Good, heavy loam and rotten manure will grow, these plants to any reasonable size, if they receive abundance of water. The full sun suits these plants best.

Coleus #2

If no moderate sized plants are preserved in pots, a few cuttings of each desirable variety should be propagated at once; they will root free enough if not left too late, and by keeping in a warm place will give plenty of cuttings in the spring; but old, hard-wooded plants winter better in a cooler house, than fresh rooted plants.

Coleus #1

Crown of Jewels - Ground color dark claret, mottled with crimson, tipped with golden yellow, beautiful.

New Coleus. Nellie Grant

Same color as the Queen Victoria, but with a much broader band of golden-yellow and center of richest crimson, a very distinct and attractive variety. .

New Coleus. " The Shah."

Leaves are rich cinnamon, marked to half their depth with golden yellow.