P. Barry, J. J. Thomas, H. E. Hooker, John Donellan, J. W. Seward, E. S. Hayward, L. A. Ward, J. W. Bissell, H. N. Langworthy, L. B. Langworthy, Geo. Ellwanger, Alonzo Frost, Committee on Fruits. Joseph Frost, Win, Webster, J. Salter, J. A. Eastman, R. Donellan, J. M. Whitney, C. F. Van Doom, Committee on Flowers and Flowering Plants. H. N. Langworthy, Jas. Vlck, Jr., Ilorace Hooker, James Buchan, Committee on Vegetables. Chester Dewey, Francis Trentman, Moses Long, G. II. Smith, P. Cooney, Committee on Botany. J. Vick, Jr., J. A. Eastman, J. P. Fogg, Committee on Finance. H. P. Norton, P. Barry, Jos. Frost, H. N. Langworthy, J. Tick, Jr., Chester Dewey, Executive Committee.

Committees #1

L. F. Allen, Benj. Hodge, Lewis Eaton, Committee on Fruits. Jos. R. Smith, Jno. Wcstphal, A. J. Mathews, Committee on Flowers. J. Sexton, J. Scenck, W. Granger, Committee on Vegetables, W. R. Coppock, W. Lovering, Jr., J. D. G. Stevenson, Committee on Entomology.

The Society voted to hold meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of each month; also to have two exhibitions during the present year. The first of the semi-monthly meetings was held at the residence of the President, Amasa Mason, and very largely attended, though in advance of the regular time. It was resolved to raise a fund of two thousand dollars, or upwards, for the purpose of forming a permanent investment, the interest of which should be applied towards the expenses of a Central Hall, at which the meetings and exhibitions of the Society may in future be held. A committee for that purpose was formed, consisting of Col Hodgr, Charles E Clarke, Esq.. and Lewis Eaton, Esq.; and the President of the Society guaranteed to raise a second thousand dollars as soon as the first thousand should be subscribed.

The Society has a very fine library and many excellent members, with an abundance of material and horticultural taste, to insure one of the best Societies in the State. Buffalo has wealthy citizens, who take pride in ornamenting their grounds with choice trees and shrubs well as cultivating the finer varieties of fruits.